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Is Someone Keeping Account Of Your Karma? | Sadhguru Answers

side guru in your new book karma you explain that karma just means action but there is no such thing as a system of rewards and punishments for your good deeds and your bad deeds after you die that there is no such thing as a divine ledger in the sky where all of your accounts are being kept as to how angry god or the gods are in you do you think that the reason that the belief that karma is a system of rewards and punishments a misunderstanding that's been going on for millennium do you think that that continues to thrive because there's a you know a gang of unemployed souls on the other side who just think it's a really fun role to play you know to be divinely engaged royal accountants taking care of all those ledgers thanks namaskaram george i know you're talking about those privileged unemployed people unemployment is a curse at one stage of life but once they get employed everybody is looking how to get unemployed because everybody is looking forward for a vacation which is unemployment a weekend which is unemployment because uh they are not interested in what they are doing they are only interested in what they will get out of it so thank god it's friday you know so about karma karma is not definitely about reward and punishment so those who are in a better economic condition or social condition they would like to believe they have done good karma elsewhere so they are enjoying everything here now no you must understand karma is not necessarily about the past it is about now so once experience of life is entirely decided by one's karma one situation in which one exists may not be entirely determined by one's karma because situation is of the times of geography like thousand years ago if we were here we wouldn't be in this kind of situation does it mean to say we had bad karma then and now we have good karma no so let us not judge karma by one's situations yes there also it is involved but situation is more of a collective karma than of individual karma individual karma is definitely there but collective karma is there because the time and the place where you are determines a lot of things but internally in terms of human experience how joyful you are how peaceful you are how loving you are how wonderful is your experience of life this is entirely your karma because the pleasantness of the body the pleasantness of the mind the pleasantness of our life energies and our emotions are 100 in our hands human experience happens from within that means it's entirely our karma we can make it the way we want if we make our human experience very pleasant in on all these four levels in body we're healthy and uh exuberant in mind we are peaceful and joyful in emotion we are loving and compassionate in our life energies we are blissful and edging on ecstasy now outside situations will not determine the nature of our experience outside situations we can strive to improve we can try strive to change but as i said in the outside situation there are many pieces all those pieces don't belong to us we also are one piece depending upon one skill intelligence capability and willingness to strive that peace can be enhanced but it is never 100 yours or mind the outside situation it is also the times in which we exist which determines what kind of situations we are in but human experience is entirely our karma and we must take charge of that first if we take charge of this our ability to create external situations also the way we want it is greatly greatly enhanced so karma is not about punishment and reward karma is not a book written somewhere some ledger that somebody is looking at and punishing you or rewarding you this gift culture from heaven must go because for all the things that you do very easily you can pass this off as god's will many terrible things men have done have always been passed off as divine will all right so it's very important that we move people from religious beliefs to a responsible existence here because this is a brief life if we want to make something out of this this must be our making this is our karma this is what karma means karma means when i say my life is my karma it means that my life is my making if i may if i am doing well it's me if i'm not doing well it's me if i have a fantastic experience here it's me if i have a miserable experience it's me this much straightness of life everybody must get that you are straight enough to admit that both your success and failure your joy and misery especially the inner things of joy and misery peacefulness and turmoil these things are 100 you are making this is what karma means karma is not a ledger up there this body this mind this energy is our ledger here it is and it plays out in so many ways if we perform this moment's karma consciously whatever our past karma there is a way to transcend that [Music] you

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