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How To Watch Sadhguru Exclusive for Free?

Sadhguru exclusive has lots to offer and sometimes you might find it a little difficult to choose what to watch. So, here's a rundown of six of the most exciting series released so far. Number one- Tantra Explore the tantric sciences as sadhguru dispels misconceptions, gives insight into tantra and tells us the life stories of various tantrics. Sadhguru: Do not try to separate yoga and tantra because yoga is technology too, it is tantra. Number Two- Disembodied Beings Warning: Not for the faint-hearted! What makes the dead walk? Can they harm us? What can Sadhguru do about disembodied beings? Find the answers to all these questions plus some hair raising stories from Sadhguru's life – where he encountered ghosts and possession. Sadhguru: This disembodied life has no discriminatory mind they move by tendencies Number three- Living on the edge A close relationship with venomous serpents, experiments with death, the need for speed Sadhguru has always lived life on the edge. Check out how Sadhguru walks the tightrope between life and death. Sadhguru: I would just go to a provoked cobra which is like this (gestures) and I would just catch it straight like this (gestures) Number four- Devi: Fire of the Feminine India is a land of many Goddesses wonderful ones, wise ones and… Wild ones! Find out how worship of the feminine still lives in the world in some unlikely places- and what it takes to walk with goddesses like Bhairavi, Kali and Chhinnamasta Sadhguru: The whole sadhana of Chhinnamasta starts in the cremation grounds Number five- Prana Discover the many secrets of prana and kundalini and watch as Sadhguru maps and explains a person's energy system. Sadhguru: If you uh.. read the basic map of one's prana- you know their past, present and future. Number six- Realized Beings Explore the lives of many enlightened beings as Sadhguru reveals how they attained enlightenment and helped others find self-realization. Sadhguru: Yogis when they want to leave their body they sit down. Some will lie down because of certain reasons but this is one of the few because he's so fierce, he.. left his body on top of the peak standing. Sign up for the three-day free trial and get full access to all videos on the platform. Whether you're a seeker, an explorer of life or just feel Sadhguru is awesome! Celebrate Diwali and have a blast with Sadhguru Exclusive.

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