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Become Someone Nobody Thought You Could Be – NOT EVEN YOU! – Tony Robbins

so step number one decide to develop the habit right now the habit of focusing on what's right in your world instead of what's wrong the habit of focusing on what you do have instead of what you don't have in a situation and as basic as that is and as well as you know it you've got to make it a habit because those habits form the chain of your ultimate character of who you become and how you end up living your life we've got to condition ourselves because if we don't we'll go back to the automatic state that most people live in in today's society the way to develop the habit is to go on a mental diet i did this several years ago as positive as i was i was going through unbelievable pain at the time i had some major disappointments some frustrations i felt like i'd given it all but what turned me around is one day i picked up this book called the seven day mental diet it was a little tiny little booklet and all the book that really did was for about 12 of the 14 pages it challenged me to really see if i could really truly for seven days live my life without one negative thought and it kept saying throughout the book now don't just say yeah i can do it don't just say i'm gonna do it think for a while before you commit to this don't actually commit unless you're really gonna do it for seven straight days no matter what it doesn't mean you don't have a negative thought it just means that if you have a negative thought you don't speak it you set it aside you forget about it or you replace it you say something negative you go erase what i really mean is this or you say that's not what i mean here's what i mean is this and you immediately focus on something good it's not that nothing negative ever comes out it's that you immediately do not allow yourself to hold a negative feeling a negative thought for seven straight days day and night even when it gets tough even when somebody disappoints you even when you get frustrated even when you give your all it still turns up lousy listen if all he did was rant rave on this tape and you didn't listen anything else i said but you took on this seven day challenge you can't believe what it'll do to your life now i gotta tell you when i first read the book i thought wait a second being positive isn't gonna change my life i gotta deal with the real problems around me those real challenges that are out there i don't just be positive somebody says how's it going oh it's i'm doing great and they go wow you know i don't know but i just feel good i don't want to be that way i want to be real i want to be on top of things but you know what i thought wait a second i can be positive about solutions i can still notice that there's some challenges out there without being negative about it i can look at the challenges and say okay here's what's good about this here's how we can use this here's how we can turn this thing around and continue to focus on that so i took on the challenge for seven days changed my life now by the way one of the keys is you have to have seven straight days of being absolutely positive not one negative thought not one negative expression that you hold on to gotta let go of it immediately if you do not do this if you're three days into it you do well then you have a bunch of negativity you gotta start over and you know what after you go about four or five six days in a row doing really well something major negative is going to happen how's that for some positive programming but what it is is a test to see how committed you really are i'll tell you something after seven days you feel like a different person people around you respond to you like you're different as well all you want to do is establish the habit of noticing what you do have instead of what you don't have noticing what's great about a situation versus what's not great focusing on solution instead of problems that's what changes your life here's key number two instead of judging yourself and others decide remember these are decisions decide right now to become curious instead of judgmental remember when you find fault in other people when you start noticing constantly how they've wronged you how this person is not good enough or they're too egotistical they're too proud or they don't really care about people as soon as you start judging other people you just gotta remember something if you start judging other people you're gonna also start judging yourself intensely if you're angry at other people there's a very good chance you're angry at yourself as well maybe we need to perceive more and judge less maybe instead of finding fault with other people without really thinking about what they've gone through to be where they are this day maybe we can get really curious about what's making this person be in the state they're in or what's the motivation behind this person's anger for example a lot of times we think somebody's being negative or angry or frustrated with them but we never bother to find out what's really going on i know myself i was at a party recently and i felt prey to this there was a woman who came to the party everybody behind her back was telling me how unbelievable egotistical this woman is how negative she was but you know what i sat next to her at dinnertime and i got a chance to really find out who she was i got curious about her and i began to find out about all the pain she'd been through in her life when i realized was this woman was just barely hanging on to her life she just needed to know that people cared she was so afraid of being rejected that she put out this ego because she didn't want someone to reject her so she figured she'd reject them first and i got a chance to really know her and she was a wonderful person i'll tell you something else we got to be careful of that ties in with us of our being judgmental out of our fear of having heroes in our society today we seem to try and consume them and destroy them as quick as we can we try to find something that's wrong with our heroes because boy we don't want to know jim jones we don't know jim baker remember we got to judge less perceive more we got to get curious instead of living in a society where we're so afraid we're so afraid to believe in anything or anyone that we believe in nothing at all and we lose our power our power of positive thinking we try and protect ourselves from things we maybe not even need to protect ourselves from but we live in a society where we try and destroy our heroes where we take something like barbara walters incredible broadcaster a woman of incredible integrity who gets nailed by one person in a book and it's in every newspaper across the land how she probably stomped on people to get where she was that's absurd our martin luther king after he's passed on somebody comes back and stomps all over his career and his reputation is that the society we want to live in any person who takes glee and watching another person's pain will experience plenty of pa

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