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Hold On To The God Who Is Holding You Together! (Inspirational & Motivational)

worry is a lot like sitting in a rocking chair you're going back and forth you're moving there's motion but it's getting you nowhere I worked with a man several years ago and he had a daughter now unfortunately his little girl became very unwell now in the beginning he had every right to be concerned as a parent especially because the doctors had no idea what the cause was she was in and out of the hospital doctors were doing all kinds of tests for months but nothing conclusive ever came of it now while all of this was going on this man was so worried he was extremely stressed he would worry thinking what if it was this disease what if something was wrong internally what if he loses his little girl the worry consumed him every single moment of the day his every other thought was worry after I saw that it was taken its toll on him and affecting his health we sat down and I said to him why don't you stop worrying so much when you have so much to thank God for he looked at me sideways and I told him other than the appearance of your daughter in feeling unwell she's at school and doing well right at home she's doing what little girls do and playing with their friends the doctors have performed so many tests on her but found absolutely nothing yet nothing for months why are you worrying so much instead of thanking God that she's not being diagnosed with something serious instead of seeing God strengthening her all you can see is what might happen to her now it turns out all it was was an allergy and once they addressed that she was absolutely fine you see worry is all about perspective an optimistic man will look at an ambulance and say great help is on the way a worrisome man will look at an ambulance and say oh no someone is dying perspective a believer in faith will pray and say God stand with me in the storm I'm facing a Believer with worry will pray and say God what if the storm destroys me what if it never ends how come you're not stopping this [Music] how many times have we heard the words don't worry fathers say those two words two sons wives say those two words to husbands pastors say those two words to the church congregations and the word of God even says those same two words to us the children of God but no matter how many times we hear those words regardless of how many times we read those words in the Bible somehow some way there just always seems to be something that makes us worry sadly is it inescapable Truth for many people but for the person who wants to live their life in the way God intended you have to decide you have to make a choice how will you handle worry at one point or another you will face something that will make you worry Jesus said in this world you're going to have trouble you will face some hardship not everything will go your way you might have to deal with the trials of sickness tragedy natural or economic disasters and oh yes the devil being told something like that would certainly make you worried but if you're patient enough to read the second part of that verse in John 16 33 Jesus said yes you will face troubles in this world but take heart be courageous be of good cheer cheer I I have overcome the world so take heart it means to grind up your courage or to be encouraged those words are meant to Lift Us to strengthen our spirit and to give us hope and peace we all allow worry to creep into our lives knowingly and unknowingly at times of course it's natural to be anxious at times there's some harsh realities in this world that we should all be prepared for we should know how to recognize danger and how to deal with it appropriately but when we let worry and anxiety consume us it stops being adaptive it becomes destructive it becomes enslaving instead of focusing on God we focus on all the things that could possibly go wrong things that we usually have no control over but there's someone who is in control Our Risen Savior Jesus Christ understand that the God who made the heavens and the Earth is the same God who was watching over us right now he is intimately involved in every situation he is infinitely good and infinitely wise he sees everything that could possibly happen he sees our worries and yet he commands us not to fear He commands us instead to trust him he knows what's best for us even more than we do and he knows that in the end Satan will be defeated Love Will Conquer All and the forces of Darkness will be no more see no matter what's going on in our lives God is in control no matter what's going on in the world God is in control and whether you understand it or not God is in control nothing is a surprise to him nothing catches him off guard God sees the entire timeline of the Earth from beginning to the end he was there at creation and he will be there when the earth as we know it is no more we on the other hand are only human we can only see a tiny fraction of what God has planned for the people he loves when Jesus died on that cross and when he rose from that grave he proved that nothing and no one could stop him from getting to us and if we are followers of Christ we don't have to be bound by fear because of his amazing love we are victorious we are more than conquerors we are children of God so what do we do with all this anxiety how do we deal with all this worry we've been carrying around the Bible gives us a simple answer pray about it the Bible says to make our requests known to God because he cares for us he wants us to know that everything will be all right even if things don't turn out the way we'd hoped instead of disparaging every moment of every day let's be people of prayer let's be people of Faith let's be known as people who rise above anxiety and trust that no matter what God is in control foreign

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