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WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO GIVE-UP IN LIFE | Never give-up | Short motivational story |

[Music] once upon a time there was a small kingdom at joining that small kingdom there was a great empire one day the spies of the small kingdom met with the king of the small kingdom and informed that the king of the joining kingdom is planning to attack their kingdom within a week the king got anxious and called his ministers and asked them for their suggestions everyone said that now nothing can be done and our defeat and death is certain because they have a much bigger army compared to ours some ministers suggested that we should surrender without battle and this way we can save our lives but the king was very brave he was aware of the fact that neighboring states army is much bigger than his army but he did not want to surrender without fight he was looking for some solution to that in the king's court there was an old but a very wise minister he gave advice to the king and said your majesty i think we should attack the neighboring state before they attack us they are going to attack us within a week and if they will attack us they will be fully prepared and we will not be able to face their large army for a long time but right now their army will be busy preparing for war and if at this point we attack them then we can hope for some better result and if even then we lose then at least we will die with dignity the king liked the suggestion of the minister and ordered his army to get prepared he also invited the youth of the nation who want to serve their country and provided them with arms many people of the state also joined the army in this attack and the very next day the king and his army departed for war there was a bridge between two kingdoms after crossing the bridge with his army the king ordered his army to fire and destroy the bridge everyone was astonished to see this then king declared that now we don't have any other option but to fight for victory now either we can die or we can win we don't have any other plan left with us hearing this from the king the army was filled with enthusiasm they had come to know that now they have no other choice they attacked the enemy's army with full force the enemy's army was blown away by the sudden attack a fierce battle ensued between the armies of both the states but due to their strong self-confidence the army of the small state gradually started dominating the enemy's army and after a long and fierce battle the small kingdom won the war and the only reason behind their victory was they did not have plan b if we see in our lives then we will find that often we fail in our life only when we have more than one option people have more than one plan in their life they think that if plan a does not work then they will go for plan b and if plan b does not work then they will go for plan c but if you have more than one plan in your life then you will not be successful in any because in that case you will not give your hundred percent to any plan and this will continue for the rest of your life if you want to achieve something in your life then there should be only one plan and only one goal in your life therefore always remember that life will give you many choices but the choice you make will determine your future [Music]

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