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Your Faith In God Will Be Your Strength! (Motivational & Inspirational)

foreign [Music] I want to talk to you about the strength of a believer we can all think back to a time or a situation when someone in our life demonstrated strength and I'm not talking about physical strength I'm not talking about a father picking up his kids in one arm while carrying all the grocery bags in the other I'm talking about real strength the strength that can be seen when disaster strikes when a hurricane or tornado destroys the family home it tears up the walls smashes the windows and leaves nothing standing but yet the couple that just seemingly lost everything can come out of that situation praising God that they survived that's strength I think of Joseph after such betrayal from his brothers such treachery from his own flesh and blood he forgave them they left him for dead and he forgave them I don't know if you really understand the level of strength and Grace that takes to do because if it was a stranger that left you in a pit to either go into slavery or to die perhaps you could take it but your own family this is more painful because of who they are to him but yet Joseph was given the strength to forgive and he did it gracefully it wasn't a Whimsical I forgive you moment no Genesis 50 verse 19 to 21 says but Joseph said to them do not fear for am I in the place of God as for you you meant evil against me but God meant it for good to bring it about that many people should be kept alive as they are today so do not fear I will provide for you and your little ones thus he comforted them and spoke kindly to them this is a man who was speaking from a position of strength strength in the Lord you couldn't forgive something like that of your own will you need Grace and so I would venture to say all of us regardless of denomination whether you're Catholic or Baptist all of us who believe in Jesus Christ ought to build our strength and confidence in the Lord you don't just wake up and have the strength and confidence to face a Goliath not even David could do that the Bible says in first Samuel chapter 17 verse 34 to 36. but David said to Saul your servant used to keep sheep for his father and when there came a lion or a bear and took a lamb from the flock I went after him and struck him and delivered it out of his mouth and if he arose against me I caught him by his beard and struck him and killed him your servant has struck down both lions and bears and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be like one of them for he has defied the armies of the Living God David faced lions and bears before he could face a Giant Warrior God put him through these tests in order to build his strength and I believe God does the same with us too as believers the Lord takes us to different places in our lives so that we can be tested and grow a test here to strengthen your faith a test here to strengthen your need to read the word of God a test here to strengthen your prayer life every test has a purpose every test serves to build you in the Lord he works on your patience if that's the area you're weak in he works to Humble you if that pride is getting in the way of his kingdom and let me tell you this through it all through all these tests you learn to trust in Jesus you learn to really trust in him and that's where you find strength that's where you find real strength the only reason David was able to face Goliath was because David had trust in God he trusted God to see him through and that was his strength the only reason Joseph was able to forgive his brothers was because Joseph had trust in God he trusted that what was meant for evil the Lord would turn it for his good and that was his strength Moses could face Pharaoh why he trusted the god of I am so I'm speaking directly to you if you feel powerless in the situation you're in until you start trusting in God you will never have real lasting and true strength until you start trusting in God for the healing in your family you'll always feel the need to give up Isaiah 40 verse 29 tells us that he gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak trust in God yields fearlessness it yields tenacity and courage when Peter walked on water that was because he completely and totally trusted that meant the laws of nature didn't apply because he trusted in God the laws of gravity or physics didn't matter simply because he had total trust in God but the minute that trust wasn't total the minute that trust started to become doubt he started to sink hear me when I tell you this the strongest Among Us are the ones that trust God fully job couldn't have gone through what he went through and remained faithful if he didn't fully trust in God Abraham wouldn't have come within moments of sacrificing his only son his Miracle child he wouldn't have come close unless he trusted God so let me ask you do you have real strength do you have trust in God I am personally praying for Faith Without Borders I want to believe with my heart and soul with every fiber of being within me that God can do the impossible he can use me for his glory he can heal me from the scars of a painful past I desire to have trust Without Borders trust with no limit so that if I read the Bible and it says God will fight for me and I shall hold my peace I will have no doubt in my mind that whether the fight is against a demonic Spirit or the Devil Himself God will fight for me and so I encourage you to trust God trust him fully trust him completely don't reason don't calculate just trust him so remember that when the spirit of fear attempts to enter your life remember these words you are of God and in him there is no fear now the other thing about fear is that fear is from the opposer the devil will oppose everything that is of god and we need to be mindful of this where God stands for victory Triumph boldness peace and pure love the devil stands for fear anxiety worry everything that will try and take your focus away from God and we need to be mindful of that where Jesus Christ is the pure light the way the truth and the life the devil is Darkness deception and the father of Lies the Bible says in second Corinthians 11 verse 14 and no wonder for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of Light now as Believers the word of God tells us that we have not been given a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind power defeats fear in God's perfect love there is no fear and a sound mind a peaceful mind is one that is the complete opposite to a fearful mind [Music] foreign

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