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King Solomon’s Warnings (Everyone Should Know This!)

according to historians the writer of the majority of the book of proverbs was king solomon a few noteworthy facts about solomon are as follows solomon was the child of david in bathsheba bathsheba being the woman that david famously committed adultery with as a young man solomon loved god as the bible says and solomon loved the lord walking in the statues of his father david except that he sacrificed and burned incense at the high places this is in first kings 3 verse 3. one night the lord appeared to solomon in a dream by night and god said ask what shall i give you when solomon responded he didn't ask for money and wealth he didn't request land or to live a hundred years in good health but rather when god asked him what he wanted he responded by saying give to your servant an understanding heart to judge your people that i may discern between good and evil solomon asked for wisdom now what's interesting is that god responded by saying i have given you a wise and understanding heart so that there has not been anyone like you before nor shall any like you arise after you solomon clearly had the touch of god on him because he was certainly a person who had extraordinary wisdom now with that said what can we learn from the wisest man on earth what advice what teachings what warnings did he give us in the book of proverbs what are some of the wise principles and warnings he gave us that may not always provoke positive thought or feeling but can most definitely spare us from unnecessary hardships and pain well let's take a look at what the amplified version of proverbs 6 verse 16 to 19 says these six things the lord hates indeed seven are repulsive to him a proud look the attitude that makes one overestimate oneself and discount others a lying tongue and hands that shed innocent blood a heart that creates wicked plans feet that run swiftly to evil a false witness who breathes out lies even half truths and one who spreads discord rumors among brothers so let's unpack these in no particular order god hates a heart that creates wicked plans a heart that is always scheming devising and plotting evil now what are some of the wicked plans that a person's heart can make well a person's heart can sin a person's heart can plan to sin a person's heart can plan how to sin in such a way that other people won't know or see wicked plans in a person's heart could be to do with revenge payback belittling someone or simply wishing evil against another person these are the sorts of things god hates and certainly doesn't want to find in any of his children's hearts now secondly god hates pride he hates those who undervalue others those who have pride will disregard other people and think that they are better than others but the bible is clear about this god resists the proud but gives grace to the humble a proud look is a person who wants their own personal will above the will of god now ladies and gentlemen let me tell you that it was the sin of pride that god lucifer cast out of heaven and it's a sin that god does not stand for so you and i need to make sure that our hearts are never filled with pride but instead we are to remain as humble people now the bible also tells us that god hates a false witness who breathes out lies even half truths in other words god hates a lying tongue and he hates a lying tongue because jesus described the devil as the father the father of lies therefore anyone who is a liar is doing the devil's work people of god let me tell you that truth is a central element of the christian walk the holy spirit is described as the spirit of truth jesus christ is the way the truth and the life and if christ dwells in us if christ lives in us and if the holy spirit resides in us if the holy spirit has sealed us then surely we are to be true believers who seek the truth and speak the truth moving on the bible tells us that god hates the one who spreads discord rumors among brothers anyone who sows discord among god's children anyone who instigates hate and harmful rumors or gossips this person is an enemy of god overall i want to tell you today to take heed of these warnings pay attention to this advice we need to be more like christ each and every day be found to be humble be found to have an attitude that seeks to serve instead of being served seek to exalt the name of jesus christ and not your own name be found to be loving to everyone to every color every social status love others with the love of christ have compassion for others just like christ minister to people by your actions [Music] pride is a dangerous thing in isaiah chapter 14 verse 13 and 14 the bible tells us that lucifer in his heart said i will ascend to heaven i will raise my throne above the stars of god i will sit on the mount of assembly in the remote parts of the north i will ascend above the heights of the clouds i will make myself like the most high pride was found in the heart of lucifer the devil took the focus of god and put it all on himself he stripped himself of humility he threw away gratitude and became all about him i will do this i will do that he said i will five times all because he allowed the spirit of pride to take over his heart now i wonder what if you started saying i will too where have you changed the tune from god will to i will is it still god will provide for me or is it all about what you will do without a second thought about the lord what i'm trying to tell you is that pride is a dangerous enemy it's an enemy that can so easily come into our heart if you're not careful the bible tells us clearly that pride goes before destruction hear me when i say this pride is a dangerous thing it can be birthed in your heart but be the very thing that will lead to your downfall and the evil thing about pride is that it leads you to shame others you go out of your way to show your wealth your car your house it becomes all about you do you see the danger in that if you're filled with pride god will humble you and you don't want the lord to humble you because it's a painful process so rather check your heart humble yourself or god will do it for you remember who you are you are god's vessel we are servants in the kingdom of god and it's a privilege to serve jesus the one true master he is the good shepherd and we are the sheep he is the almighty father and we are his sons and daughters we're his children he is the creator and we are new creations in him he is the king of kings and lord of lords one of the most important keys to living a godly life is having an understanding of the nature of sin and the danger it poses to us as believers how many of us have done something achieved something or completed something and then looked back at our work with pride be honest we have all at some point in our lives done something that we've been proud of something whereby you've stepped back and said i did that for some they'll take pride in their gardens and in their homes they'll make sure that no w

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