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This is how your past karma can affect your life – Sadhguru Clarifies

Namaskram Sadhguru I want to know the truth about sleeping right whether Duration or direction. What is the science behind it? Namaskaram Viru! There are yogic processes where a far deeper states of restfulness can be achieved by dropping the metabolic activity. The best state of rest fulness happens to you when you are in a state of abundance. So when it comes to sleep, do not think what position and how to sleep. Being in a state of total abandon is the best way to sleep. You also mentioned direction because of the magnetic pull. If you put your head to the north in the northern hemisphere, there is a tendency for putting pressure upon your brain but it is and been studied and identified that there is a natural movement of blood towards the brain. If you put your head towards the north, so if there is that much iron in your blood, the magnetic poles naturally pull it. And also the spin of the planet affects it. But otherwise you should not take any other attitude towards sleep. Sleep should happen in total Abandon that the best way to be in a state of restful ness.

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