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Swami Govinda Dev Giri Treasurer Ram Janambhumi & Sadhguru | On the Gita

really speaking i am so much excited today that a world teacher like our satguruji has accepted to guide us and that too on a very short notice i apologize that i should have requested much earlier but it's your grace only that you accepted it i bow before you my hundreds when you're continuing krishna's work how can i say no to you [Laughter] it's the grace that you are showering upon us today your pronouns at their lotus feet and ask some questions we for last six months during this covered period are working really speaking we have been working for 36 years for this cause but it was never online but this covered has compelled us to come online and it has turned like a miracle we reached around 80 countries and more than one lakh kids almost kids some parents have learned by heart two chapters from bhagavad-gita this is being done by selfless workers who are not paid at all they are all only honorary workers they are krishna they are the karakartas only and we are doing this through 11 languages and today it's grace of god that we have found a world teacher like you to guide us in the beginning i want to ask one thing from the beginning we have emphasized upon one thing that we may read gita from any language from any translation but when chanting we should emphasize only on the sanskrit text because they are the words that have come from the lotus mouth of bhutan krishna and therefore they are like mantras and therefore all this gita teaching is done through some sort of text only as far as the chanting is concerned for explanation we use all the languages with folding hands i am asking a question are we right in giving that emphasize emphasis on the original gita text that should be clarified by you your clarification shall be a great guidance for us see at a time like this as you said there has been a pandemic and second wave third wave is coming in many countries and the u.n agencies are predicting a mental health pandemic a suicide pandemic my massive number of people are committing suicide uh for example in the year 2020 in japan more people committed suicide than they died of covet infections so when human beings are going through this kind of strife within themselves there is a challenging situation around us but when they are going through a strife like this within themselves i in my humble opinion i don't think we should limit the power and the wisdom of gita from reaching people simply because of our love for our languages we may have much love for the language and there is a science behind the utterance of sanskrit language sanskrit language there is no question about it but i think the understanding the wisdom and the knowledge of gita should go to people first chanting because chanting is like converting people culturally into our way of life i do not think we should impose that those who are willing we should encourage them definitely towards that but we should not make that compulsory because it's very very important this knowledge goes why i'm saying this is see there are many kinds of belief systems philosophies in the world but in my opinion i clearly see this that for the next generation of people this in india our way of looking at things is we look at the divine as an empowerment for us so that we heighten ourselves and function at a higher level the most important aspect of krishna's teaching i am not uh see i myself cannot read or speak sanskrit i am an ignorant person in front of you you're all scholars so i would be restricted by this so in my opinion for me the most significant aspect of gita is the vishvarupa darshana that krishna bestows on arjuna whatever he spoke how much ever wisdom was there still arjuna went on asking questions because this is the nature of human mind it will go on investing in more doubts and more picking more and more loopholes somewhere but the moment he shows him who he is in terms of his inclusiveness how the whole existence is a part of himself and he is showing this because he also wants to convey to arjuna and everybody in the world that this is your nature also if you are willing if you open up your uh the dimension of your existence you could experience everything as yourself for me that is the only thing that's been my guiding post that ultimately the word yoga means union for me the ultimate expression of yoga is krishna because he displayed it the most crucial aspect of entire teaching is that that he is able to show arjuna that all the entire universe irrespective of plants animals this that planets everything is a part of me because this is the nature of human consciousness this rising of human consciousness or raising of human consciousness is very very important because morals values ethics all stand by us when things are going well when there is crisis or when there is mortality hanging in a in front of our face the only and only thing which takes us beyond that is you know is really human consciousness which is all inclusive and this is what krishna represents for me so in that sense this must reach maximum number of people anything that impedes this reach must be taken away as you said this online thing has been a miracle that what you cannot do physically suddenly now why if you could reach 10 people physically now you're reaching 1000 people online but this can be multiplied in such a way if you translate this into 30 different languages in the world you can reach billions of people and that is more important for me than sticking to the language it has language has its power language has its significance but above all people understanding there is a universal way to exist is more important for me than the language we shall certainly follow this advice and shall try to reach at most people can i ask one more question yes sir today we want to know what can be the essential message for global youth from bhagavad-gita if we want to look at something as a message i think the most significant message of not just gita krishna's life as a whole is see in many ways his life is full of strife there are so many wars there are fights there are people who are extreme levels of you know evil intentions and actions so his life in many ways full of strife and challenges our pandemic challenge is nothing compared to the challenges that he faced in his life so even though all others the pandavas the kawarawas and various other parties who are involved in this drama they all suffered immensely either because of anger or hatred or anguish or shame many things happening to everybody but krishna was one person who went through this entire serious drama very virulent drama if you ask me and a terrible war and everything with a big smile on his face playfully so the most significant aspect of life is to be involved to be absolutely involved at no point did he show that i am not involved at every point in every small thing and big things trivial things and significant things in everything he's involved absolutely but a

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