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Story of two monks | Buddhist story on gratitude |

foreign [Music] there leave two monks in a Hut on a mountain one of them was a senior Monk and another was a junior Monk both the monks lived peacefully in their heart and practice meditation when they were hungry both of them used to take arms in a nearby Village once Botha monks made up their mind to go on pilgrimage on a decided day they left out for their Journey in those days there were not many advancements of Transportation so both of them set out for the pilgrimage on foot a few days after they left there was a lot of rain and storm in the region the storm was so strong that the roof of the Hut was blown away and the Heart got destroyed only a small corner of the Hut remain intact after 15 days when both the monks returned after completing their pilgrimage they found that their heart was destroyed and the roof of the heart was blown off seeing his Cottage destroyed the young monk became very sad and he started cursing God for destroying his heart and said oh Lord what wrong we have done to you we only had one heart as our shelter and you broke that too you are so cruel now where will we sleep or where will we meditate in this way the young monk was cursing God and was feeling sad just then he looked at his fellow Hallmark he was hoping him to be sad too but he was surprised to see his fellow senior mock thanking the god with folded hands and saying oh Lord you are so kind you care a lot for us he was filled with gratitude and was being thankful seeing this the young monk asked his fellow senior mom what are you saying our heart has been destroyed and you are thanking God what are you doing thou almost smiled and said my friend I am telling the truth see our heart has been destroyed by a storm but a small corner of our heart is still intact God save the small part of our heart from being destroyed by the heavy storm look how much God takes care of us earlier we used to sleep in a shelter but now we will sleep under the Open Sky at night we will sleep by meditating and looking at the moon and stars by doing so our sleep will also turn into meditation and our spiritual practice will also increase earlier we had stopped doing manual labor but now God has given us chance to build our heart again by doing manual labor thus we will get enough physical activity and our health will also improve all this is the grace of God then he put his hand on Junior Monk's shoulder and said my friend always remember one thing in your life if you want to be happy in your life then learn to accept and be thankful for whatever comes your way if we see in our lives we will find that there are many ups and downs in our life sometimes there is happiness and sometimes there is sorrow we have no control over external circumstances because external circumstances are not in our hands but to be happy or be unhappy in any circumstance it is in our control if we look into the story we will see that the same incident happened in the lives of both amongst but one monk is happy and being thankful to God and another Monk is feeling sad and cursing God the same incident has become the cause of joy for one and cause of Sorrow for another we can always be happy in only two conditions either everything starts happening according to your wish or you learn to be happy with whatever is happening if we look at both these conditions then we will find that it is impossible that whatever is happening outside starts happening according to your wish but it is possible that you remain happy in every situation by accepting everything that comes your way therefore if you want to be happy forever in your life then be thankful and accept whatever happens in your life try to be happy in every situation whether favorable or unfavorable if you succeed in doing so then surely there will never be any sorrow in your life [Music]

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