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my beloved child I am meticulously crafting a feast of blessings for you even as your adversaries look on in the eyes of all Nations you will be lifted High heed my gentle urging Embrace Faith adhere to the path of obedience and arm yourself with patience cast aside your concerns for the tomorrow for I urge you once more your mission is to persist to heed my guidance and to place all matters into my Caring Hands for I am your devoted father and your almighty God each day I bestow upon you as a precious gift not to be shadowed by fretfulness when doubt Creeps in and you falter in trust turning instead to worry it pains my loving heart drawing Shadows over your spirit and body I comprehend your weariness and moments of uncertainty when you feel your calm unravel remember I'm ever by your side not to pass judgment but to offer the warmth of companionship I'm here your most faithful healer ready to soothe every ache and to heal the wounds inflicted upon your body and soul those sharp pains and the deep emotional scars that feel like venomous blades in your moments of distress know that I am here to answer you when danger looms trust that I am your Shield your needs are not unnoticed for my help is ever present my unwavering support is yours now and for all generations in your family I seek your faith your genuine heart your steadfast obedience and your Relentless pursuit of my presence fear not for I walk beside you cherished one hear this clearly take a moment step away from the hustle and turn off the lights distract yourself yourself from the world's clamor now is the time to listen to truly hear my word that comes from the Divine spoken by me rooted in truth and written in a sacrifice sealed by the spirit this word is meant to purify to heal and is tailored For You especially when Shadows of past Sorrows seek to disturb your peace embrace the comfort and guidance of my Eternal Word because it is not occupations or achievements that bring happiness nor does tranquility come when a dream is achieved the rivers of your mind flowing with anxiety only calm in the presence of your God your heavenly father I care deeply about what you yearn for and if you dedicate your full attention and reverence to me if you shut out the glaring distractions that blind you if you step away from the chaos that muddles your thoughts and if you trust in my assurances Revel in my affection and lay down your burdens upon me with Simplicity and Faith then I your God the beginning and the end urge you close your eyes in the moment you disregard the world's clamor your heart will be a light and swiftly your life will transform fear will no longer claim you for you'll embrace the truth of my constant presence embrace the calm and peace I offer turn away from worldly glare feel my presence accept my peace experience life a new attune your ears to my voice external Darkness will not equate to Solitude for you for a perennial light of Truth glows within you I cherish you trust in this love I hold you dear and I vow never to forsake you absolutely never this is my solemn promise you felt disheartened acted out of Despair made choices you regretted and expressed words that didn't reflect your heart overwhelmed by emotions you've ear repeatedly you believed you were estranged from me yet I never left your side you sought solace in fleeting affections were swayed by false emotions and Trust Ed deceivers who ultimately left you bereft yet here I stand everpresent unwavering even as some refute and deny my existence my love transcends all logic and comprehension it remains unbreakable pure Eternal and flawless I call out to you by day whisper in the Stillness of night visit you in dreams and affirm my love incessantly you sense it in the rain touch hear it in the winds howl and perceive it in the gentle breezes and the oceans murmurs I Proclaim my love for you today you'll grasp this reality I'm everpresent and I'll affirm it endlessly each day silencing the deceitful voices I love you eternally tell me if you want me to keep telling you every morning right here while your ears Feast on these words your spirit fills with my presence immerses itself in the crystal clear waters that cleanse your soul do you want a true hug come now I want to embrace you and sincerely show you my unwavering commitment to keep loving you despite everything I know you need me your feelings and your need cannot be hidden from me with me you will achieve everything without me your soul will dim I hear you and I respond I want to help you out of scarcity to overcome illness do you understand now tell me do you believe me I love you I love you pay close attention the problems weighing you down will not end if you flee from them you must face them you are strong your struggle is one of life or death stand up if you were truly cowardly and weak at heart I would not be speaking to you and as you hear my words in your heart you know that I'm confirming everything I have told you before you are my brave-hearted child a warrior spirit with a strength of steel with the fire of determination you have everything you need to defeat whatever comes against you I have told you many times and I will continue to do so nothing and no one can overcome you the enemy will use his tricks daily to confuse you and make you believe that I have abandoned you when things do not go well in every moment from the dawn's early light to the evening's gentle close I am with you in times of happiness and in periods of Sorrow through moments of doubt and instances of defeat I am there holding you closer than ever aiming to show you that my love is far greater than anything you can imagine I speak to you seek you and remain steadfastly by your side ensuring you always maintain your belief steering clear of doubt and fear especially when the World shows its harshness and inflicts pain take a moment to reflect and find peace in your trials for I have overcome this world and blessed you with the mightiest tools my love your hope and your faith in my enduring love all Anchored In Hope enriching your soul and mind wield your faith as a shield against the enemy's onslaughts a time will come when your current troubles will become Distant Memories and you will joyously see how you've navigated through many challenges and received blessings you once thought were unreachable you'll realize the depth of my grace the breadth of my mercy and my unconditional love for you despite your imperfections my desire is to elevate you inspire you rejuvenate you and shower you with blessings so profound that you'll never question the authenticity of my love for you again look forward with vibrant faith move with Assurance through the deceits you might encounter avoid distractions dismiss trivial concerns that hold no lasting significance and focus on seeking me continue to believe passionately engage deeply in prayer immerse in my teachings and make my love a Cornerstone in your home and l

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