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my beloved I ask you this one thing without any hesitation or doubt prepare yourself for the night let it be a time of peaceful Slumber a restful refuge for your soul know that I have dispatched an angel to your Dwelling Place bearing a message of love that I have written with my own hand I did this so that you may find Clarity and Assurance so that my light May spel any Shadows of doubt and so that my promises may be firmly at shed into your heart when you close your eyes let your dreams be touched by the gentle breeze of memories walk the path of Hope once more for fear will flee when your spirit sings to me declaring your unwavering belief and love for me as the morning sun rises face any sadness or fear with unshakable confidence and courage rest PE peacefully my child for when you awaken tomorrow you will feel the affectionate kiss of your loving father bringing a smile to your face remember I'm always watching over you knowing your heart's desires close your eyes and find solace in the Embrace of your God as you Journey Through the Night in your dreams in due time you will witness the blessings I have prepared for you and your family your days of tomorrow are at an end for today is your day of salvation Rejoice for even in the heavens there is celebration as you have chosen to surrender your heart and heed my word just as the morning sun rises your future will shine brighter than your past everything stolen by the enemy will be restored multiplied beyond measure the kindness and Aid you've shown to the poor the sick and the needy will be rewarded manifold your endeavors will flourish despite the attacks and slander from others for every hour you've devoted to me and others without expecting anything in return I will add years to your life I am renewing your spirit rekindling Your Enthusiasm and restoring the passion for life that the world sought to steal from you these gifts already present in the spiritual realm are now now yours to claim now rise each morning with me at the Forefront of your thoughts dedicate your first moments to our communion and step forth with faith to claim the blessings unfolding before you as a result of your unwavering love and dedication to me let no one shame you I see your enemies seething with anger as they witness your prosperity and hear their false accusations their hearts remain unrepentant having rebelled against the blood that redeemed them they must choose to repent or stand as my enemies keep your distance from those who invent slander against their Brethren who use their tongues to harm their gazes to humiliate and who destroy innocent families while aiding the growth of wickedness they paint their perversions as virtues and disguise them as sound Doctrine if you seek to hear my voice in your soul you will find it in my written word open its Pages read them with faith and love hold them in your heart with hope and follow them with unwavering loyalty and determination may your heart be filled with joy let your spirit be steadfast today you have returned to life no more sleepless nights no more Nightmares From This Day Forward your mind is free from all bondage and you you will sleep with a Serene and tranquil Soul the curses of your enemies will not touch you the traps they set will ensnare them I am ever Vigilant over your every moment your rest and your Awakening my angels encircle you guarding your life and integrity with their fiery swords I grant you the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions rendering you invulnerable seek my word pray fast and kneel at my feet daily to receive my blessings my guidance and my protective shield I will touch the lives of those who rise against you and they will be humbled never daring to harm you again they will learn that no one can mock my holy name and that faith is no trifling matter they will see that your faith in me embodies power honor integrity and Truth many around you and even you yourself will begin to take your spiritual life more seriously walk with your head held high gazing at the heavens do not look back at those who sought to humiliate you I hold you in my hands and will not allow you to stumble on the Rocks they placed in your path stand firm and do not be troubled by threats or mockery for if you heed them fear may take hold and your enemies will perceive it they may believe you weak and attempt to harm you but their efforts are in vain they will encounter me and be exposed as cowards when their malevolent intentions are revealed by my glorious light have faith remain steadfast and true for victory is already yours rest live in peace and pay no mind to those who cannot appreciate your love cling to my love and evil will not reach you live live each day with joy entrusting all your worries into my hands my Army of angels of light will accompany you and I will never Tire of reminding you of my love I will never forsake you for nothing in this world can keep you from my side in me you will find the strength to continue your journey to receive and enjoy the blessings I have in store for you and to achieve your destination there are many things in your life that may cause concern but do not let them steal your peace or your sleep do not fear the threats that may arise nor dread a doctor's diagnosis your life is in my hands your well-being is in my plans and your future is secure and radiant however do not let fear paralyze you listen carefully to these promises and take them to heart after hearing my words spend a few moments in my presence bringing all your requests thoughts and fears to me I know you've made mistakes and I want to forgive you cleanse you with my powerful blood so you no longer bear unnecessary guilt and regret that hinder your path I will strengthen you bless you and multiply your blessings every time you come to speak with me I will Aid you in your conquests and successes but remember the task at hand you have much to accomplish do not let anything or anyone deter you do you understand my message now tell me that you believe a word of faith can heal uplift Elevate and prosper you instantly it is possible it is true decide today to believe with all your heart that I can transform you with my love tenderness patience Commandments and guidance I can turn this time of tribulation into a new era of joy and blessing you are of great importance to me and to many others even though some may be ungrateful and fail to appreciate your love I see your efforts and admire your selflessness I record everything you do for them I am with you you also have a multitude of witnesses both in heaven and on Earth who support you Warrior Angels stand ready to fight battles to defeat your enemies and to remove obstacles from your path people love you and pray for you your name is spoken in my presence every day I gave my life so that you may receive salvation freedom and experience peace and happiness amidst tribulation in the days ahead I will reveal to you the power of

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