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How to Stay Motivated in your 20’s? | Sadhguru

Only thing that you have to do is rise and sparkle as a full-fledged life because when you're doing wonderfully well You will do what is neededThen he will not ask how do I wake up in the morning and be motivated You should not be a motivated person Generally, somebody when we say someone is motivated It means they have an agenda of their own life has no agenda it's for you to be a full-fledged life a grasshopper is trying to be a full-fledged grasshopper earthworm is trying to be a full-fledged earthworm a bird is trying to be a full-fledged bird a tree is trying to be a full-fledged tree a human being should strive to become a full-fledged human beings but each one of us start creating our own agendas and doing all kinds of things no no you're just a piece of life don't take yourself too seriously because before you and me countless number of people have come and gone life is a bit of a sparkle How old is your son? So 27 years ago where was he sir? so if somebody is not here we say they are dead, isn't it? 27 years ago he was dead we will give him 100 years 80 years later he will be again dead So 27 years ago how long was he dead sir? long time so 85 years later or 80 years later how long will he be dead sir very long time so all of us will be dead for a very long time they're alive just for a brief amount of time yes very brief amount of time we will be dead for a very long time I want you to look at it in this perspective how long will you be dead you can't imagine so let us say 10,000 years we are dead or a hundred thousand years they are dead or a million years we are dead alright how long are you alive compared to that very very brief what you call as life is a brief sparkle the only thing that you have to do is rise and sparkle as a full-fledged life tell me when you're very happy have you looked at yourself how nice and wonderful you are you're willing to do anything for anybody bend backwards if necessary yes or no when you're a little frustrated how difficult it is so don't teach your children to become motivated about something these are all nonsense that's coming from the west all those trashy self-help books motivate yourself build confidence believe in yourself you believed in god and destroyed so much of this world now you believe in yourself what will you do all this trash is coming from the west you don't have to be motivated you just have to see how this is alive to its fullest possible level right now if it's fully alive it will do everything that it can do isn't it a worm cannot do what a bird does a bird cannot do what an elephant does an elephant cannot do what we do yes or no but we must be doing what we can do what we cannot do it doesn't matter what we can do must happen for this all that's needed is you must understand life is a very brief sparkle it's just puff puff puff… and gone miserable people have a long life only they feel life is long if you're very joyful poof it'll be gone before you know what's happening have you noticed a specific day you're very happy 24 hours gone like that little miserable 24 hours feel like 10,000 years so time is a very relative experience but if you compare to how long you will be dead you will be dead for millions of years you are alive just for a few little bit this time don't be motivated by anything all that you have to do is you must become a full-fledged life 24 year 25 year old boy she shouldn't become a motivated human being he must just be burst of life then he will not ask how do I wake up in the morning and be motivated what are you motivated about nothing if you're alive you'll bounce out of your bed, isn't it!

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