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Nikola Tesla: “THIS Will Make You Vibrate Differently”

have you ever wondered what made quartz crystals so fascinating to Nicola Tesla ancient lore described them as Eternal ice gifted by Divine beings but what really sets these crystals apart and why was Tesla so captivated by them he conducted numerous experiments with these crystals finding immense inspiration in their potential even now scientists are somewhat mystified by the power of quartz there definitely seems to be something extraordinary about them stick around because because I'm about to dive into what makes quartz crystals so unique and how you can harness their full potential Nicola Tesla was undeniably a Visionary whose ideas and inventions continue to inspire scientists and Engineers globally among his numerous groundbreaking discoveries his exploration of crystal quartz stands out as a particularly intriguing thing Tesla firmly believed that these crystals held the key to unlocking a new era of energy production one that could potentially revolutionize how we power our homes businesses and entire cities his deep understanding of the properties of Crystal quarts was remarkably ahead of his time today as we strive to harness sustainable energy sources Tesla's Legacy resonates more profoundly than ever Tesla was a true Pioneer in understanding the Dynamics of energy frequency and vibration he recognized that everything is fundamentally energy and that by aligning ourselves with the right frequency we could manifest our desires into to reality Tesla's fascination with quartz crystals led him to conduct numerous experiments focusing on their energetic properties he explored their resonance and oscillation recognizing their potential as a form of medicine for the human body his iconic statement if you want to find the secrets of the universe you must think in terms of energy frequency and vibration encapsulates his profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all things Tesla's quest to provide Power without the need for wire led him to develop the Tesla coil a groundbreaking invention that enabled Wireless transmission of electricity from 1891 to 1898 he dedicated himself to experimenting with the transmission of electrical energy using radio frequency resin and the Transformer of the Tesla coil this Innovation allowed him to transmit power over short distances without the necessity of physical wires in 1901 Tesla embarked on his ambitious project to construct a large high voltage wireless energy transmission station known as the warden Cliffe Tower further cementing his legacy as a Pioneer in the field of electrical engineering and energy transmission Tesla demonstrated smallscale Wireless power transfers as a prototype transmitter for a world wireless system aiming to broadcast both information and power worldwide despite proving his Concepts investors pulled out leaving the facility incomplete Tesla asserted that his ideas were valid and these principles along with the fascinating properties of quartz crystals revolve around the concepts of energy frequency and vibration quartz crystals in particular vibrate at remarkable frequencies around 786,000 pulses per millisecond making them some of the most vibratory objects on the planet the frequency of a Crystal's oscillation depends on its cut the thinner the crystal the higher the frequency our thoughts also have frequencies which in turn create our emotions and feelings each with their own frequen quc these emotional frequencies are projected into our body's energy field and processed through energy centers known as chakras each chakra corresponds to specific frequencies and colors addressing particular emotional spiritual and physical issues crystals resonate at specific frequencies based on their color crystalline structure mineral content and formation location when a Crystal's frequency aligns with that of a chakra it can help harmonize and rebalance related emotional spiritual and physical issues this is why Tesla's exploration into crystals was so groundbreaking and continues to be relevant today when the frequency of our energy field and chakras are balanced it brings Harmony to our emotions and thoughts resulting in Greater Clarity and a deeper connection with ourselves this balance enhances our health happiness and overall well-being by consciously using crystals we can help harmonize and stabilize the frequencies in our energy field supporting and healing our emotional spiritual and physical well wellbeing we're constantly emitting energy signals and frequencies through our thoughts whether we're aware of it or not a clear quartz can intensify and stabilize these frequencies Nicola Tesla once said in a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal it is nonetheless a living being for thousands of years ancient civilizations have harnessed the power of crystals to release mental physical and spiritual blockage promoting the free flow of energy throughout the body on a cellular level our bodies and quartz crystals are both composed of mineral silicon dioxide making us naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals these crystals can transmit reflect and store light and even receive energy which is why they have been used for healing and energy work for so long there is a fascinating theory that ancient Egyptians may have used quartz crystals in their quest for free Energy Technologies this raises the question how did they manage to construct the Great Pyramids without the use of the wheel one intriguing hypothesis suggests that if obsidian solar cells were laid out in a specific path and a copper bottom sled was charged to have the same positive charge as the surface layer of the obsidian the sled might hover slightly above the path due to the repelling nature of the like charges this could allow the sled to carry a moderate load making the construction process more manageable however it's important to note that obsidian solar cells are not sealed against the elements meaning they wouldn't function effectively when wet and even high humidity could reduce their output this is where the piso electric effect comes into play when sand which is primarily composed of quartz crystals is wet and compressed it can generate a small amount of current due to this effect the piso electric effect occurs when mechanical stress applied to a crystal produces electric charges and conversely when electri charges produce mechanical stress this small current generated by the piso electric effect could have been used to power electroluminescent lights at night for the Pharaohs and temples of ancient Egypt this technology would have been revolutionary at the time providing a sustainable light source for important structures the piso El electric effect essentially allows mechanical energy to be converted into electrical energy and vice versa making it a versatile tool in the Egyptians technological art personal there is a theory

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