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Something Phenomenal Can Happen When You Turn 33 | Sadhguru

[Music] um could you please elaborate on the number 33 i know it's a very significant number for one um in one's life and next month's next part of me i'm going to turn 33 and i know i know there's like some special sadhana that is being given uh in the center for people who are below 33. so i want to know like if i pass this mark uh what's the significance in my spiritual path oh we have sadhana for old people also nice to hear thank you well uh in the yoga culture first eight years or actually eight and a half years is considered childhood so these are not counted though is up to 12 it's the eight and a half years where you're a real child you know it from your own experience after you're eight and a half only your parents thought you were a child but you were secretly many things yes adults think that you are a child but you know you are not one because your childhood in many ways ends at eight and a half so if you take two side solar cycles which is uh 24 years or little less than that and add eight and a half years to it it will become 32 and three-fourths or something like this 32 years in seven months or somewhere there the exact calculations we can make but it's nearly 33 years so when these two cycles end plus the bala leaving that when it ends it is a possibility this is a time when your life could take on a different level of propulsion if you have prepared yourself well either with education or some skill or yoga or inner dimensions of your life if you have prepared yourself on any of these things that is the time when it can propel or that is the time when it can start crashing you know in the western societies they talk about mid-life crisis it usually starts around 33 34 years of age suddenly people don't know what to do with themselves life getting meaningless or those who are successful they find traction and suddenly they explode into different levels of success or well-being all this can happen because within the system it has completed a certain cycle either it can take off or it can crash [Music] so sadhana for before 33 years of age is one kind that is more preparatory in nature so that when that moment comes they will be able to make it into a positive time in their life because how positive it becomes at the age of 32 to 33 years of age this will largely determine the trajectory of one's life and impact in the entire life your entire life will be largely the trajectory of that will be decided at that if life doesn't really take off at that level then you may do well but you will never fly you will you know uphill task not that you can never fly that's a wrong thing to say but difficult you need more fuel to fly you will need lot more fuel to fly but if you brought your life your physiological structures your energy structures your internal geometry if you brought it to a certain level of maturity by the time you're 33 then life takes off much more effortlessly otherwise it will need much more effort this is why we set up sadhana for below 33 years of age so that they prepare they organize their internal geometry they organize their energies they conserve themselves in such a way when life wants to burst forth you have the necessary fuel to do it see you want to throttle up now and fire up really big but your tank is empty that's going to be trouble it doesn't matter how much possibilities are there your tank is empty now this is not going to fly everything else may be great you may have education you may have knowledge but still you won't fly easily because of this if you miss this 33 years of age those of you who are looking depressed sadhguru i'm 35 well if you are a male person 42 is another time when there is another upsurge not at the same level as 33 but definitely a substantial up search where one can again burst forth if you're a female it may be 46 for you but because if you do not handle your biology well 46 may become more troublesome than possibilities but there are many possibilities when a woman reaches 46 years of age she can break through her limitations of whatever the feminine nature held her down with certain aspects of life all that she can break through in a big way because our energies are transforming naturally i'm talking about natural support i'm not talking about what individual people may do individual people may defy all this and go on that's different but naturally this is the way it is moving so if you miss both these when you hit 60 so there's hope [Applause] [Laughter] when you hit 60 in many ways your fundamental structure within the system is changing you are not much of a man or not much of a woman unless you are in your head if you're too much in your head it will be otherwise in body you're neither not too much of a man nor too much of a wound this gives you a new possibility a whole lot of people burst forth at this time but by then a lot of people are sick they're they got various problems and they're carrying baskets of karma on their head because of this by 60 their back may be bent and they're defeated and their visits are only to medical spaces you know not to sacred spaces but to doctors and psychiatrists and stuff like this if you've gone there you will miss that bus also but 60 is a tremendous possibility this is why in the in this culture if you at the age of 60 there are various rituals to do if you're a married person when you become 60 you get married once again so that it becomes a new possibility that it is not a trap it is not a bondage it becomes a possibility that is the idea of uh 60 years of you know when people become 60 they get married once again to the same person i'm you have to specify this today today you have to specify this otherwise it was always understood that way so you marry the same person once again because when you're married at 20 or 25 or whatever age body was dominant at 60 your consciousness could be dominant and there are new possibilities so whether married people go through this kind of things others go through other kinds of rituals and many people start their yogic sadhana only at 60 but for all this you must at least keep yourself in a reasonable shape and form if you're trying to imitate mother earth or you become sick in various ways then that possibility will not be available so if you're below 33 best to hit the 33 before 33 you have energized yourself you organized your geometry in such a way that you are never the impediment in your life you are not the issue this one thing you must do there are a thousand issues in the world but you are not the issue this much you do then you don't worry about these times you are 33 34 35 you can fire up any time i'm sorry should i say all the numbers no you can fire up any time but in terms of preparation up to 33 32 years and seven months to be reasonably precise if you done enough preparation in reorganizing your geometry your energetic processes your thoughts your emotions if you settle these things then life will ope

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