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Isha Covid Action. Join Sadhguru Live on 29th April 6:30 PM IST

Sadhguru sings Jaya Jaya Jaya Mahadeva… Sadhguru: Namaskaram. Namaskaram to all of you. (Speaks in Tamil – not transcribed). There is a situation in the country, which is dire, grim – we can use all the words. Thousands of people are dying. Instead of complaining, we need to understand, no nation on the planet can provide medical infrastructure to all its population at once. Right now, this is what is happening – too many people falling sick, there is not enough infrastructure to meet that. Well, too many people are busy giving commentaries about how we are ill-equipped and this and that. Well, would you prefer to build endless number of hospitals when everything was okay, instead of building schools, roads, ports, whatever else the nation needs? So, we must understand, this is not a time to go about complaining, criticizing, wasting our breath on anything other than positive action. I know, right now, the word positive has become negative – but action should be positive, your COVID test must be negative (Laughs) – this is very important. Well, as Isha meditators and volunteers and many others, who support us in various different ways, it's very important that at a time like this, you must understand the significance of the practices that have been taught to you. Maybe you never saw these yogic practices in a way that you thought it will spiritually enhance you, maybe take away your backache or headache or improve your performance in day-to-day life, variety of other things, but you might have never looked at it as a life-saving device. But that's exactly what it can be. If your practices have been normal, and you know, you're keeping it on all the time, definitely, your body will take this… the ravaging that virus may cause, much, much better than most other people. Being in touch with the earth, being in touch with the elements, and the yogic practices along with that, could make a huge difference. So at a time like this, those of you who know the benefits of this, it's… it's very important that you must keep up the practices – that's most important. Everyone of you must spend at least ninety to one-hudred-and-twenty minutes per day, doing some practice, either Surya Kriya or Shakti Chalana Kriya, Shambhavi, if not anything else, at least the Simha Kriya – all these practices make a difference. Especially those of you practicing Shakti Chalana Kriya, there will be a massive difference in your system in the very way the body arranges itself. So keeping up the practice is very vital. And also, this is the time, "I am well," is not good enough, because everybody around us are ill, means, one way or the other, they will give it to us. So it's important everybody around us is also well. So for this, the simple tips for immunity what we have given out in terms of how to eat food, simple practices to do, about Sashtang, about Simha Kriya, all of you should take it up, don't leave it to the foundation, all of you should take it up to see that each one of you that, you know, you, you make sure you, you spread it to as many people as possible, because this is the time this is most needed. This is not a time… pandemic… one thing the pandemic is doing to us is, it is (Laughs)… what I was trying to do all these years – your individuality is a myth that you have created. There is a universal nature to life. Well, this virus is giving you teachings that I've been giving, but you know, you learn to ignore many things. But here you are, the virus is teaching it in a very virulent way, unfortunately, but I'm saying this is the time to learn how connected life is. This is not something that you can think you are in isolation, and everything will happen to you separately, because you got a few things organized. That's not how it works. So, spending a certain amount of time every day, at least, at least you… these tools, you spread it to three to five people per day. If you have more capacity, please do that at least a minimum. If you don't have any contacts, still you can spread it to at least five people a day, this is very much possible. And International Day of yoga is coming this year, it… it rises to a completely different significance altogether. The significance of yoga, the yogic practices in the world will go up significantly. So, online we will be offering yoga veera training processes, please go through this. I want thousands of you or hundreds and thousands of you to go through this and make sure it is offered to as many people as possible, because you need to understand… well, I don't want to be a doomsayer, I never am that, but not confronting the realities for what it is will be a foolish way of addressing life. I've been talking to various scientific, you know, people of science in this area and many important doctors in the world. From what I gather, and also I've been saying this myself, because from the basic nature of what's happening, it's simply common sense also, to see this, that this virus most probably will not be over either this year or next year, very easily it can run to four to six years before this pandemic becomes an epidemic. That too if the world invests enough, and we are fortunate enough to come up with a very efficient treatment protocol, till that happens, this pandemic can keep coming back in waves, as you see from the first wave to second wave that viruses come back much more equipped to harm us than what it was in 2020. This 2021 virus is almost doubly or triply effective in terms of causing harm to human beings. And in 2020, we had an assurance that below a certain age, young people will not be affected, but it is no more so; so many people in their twenties and thirties unfortunately have lost their lives. So, virus will… may get better and better. We have to get better – this is very important. The solution is not elsewhere, it is with us, because this is a virus where the sole carrier is the human being. It is not mice, it is not mosquitoes, it is not birds. In all these years fevers have been coming, we are thinking it is chicken flu, it is this flu, it is that flu. This is nothing like that, this is essentially carried by human beings. So human beings are the only solution. Conscious, responsible human beings are the only solution really. Otherwise, wave after wave will keep coming back, could decimate human populations, disturb our life the way we have known it, maybe completely a thing of the past if we don't take care. And it's very, very important that every one of us must understand our responsibility in not only supporting ourselves and ensuring we don't get infected. This is a fundamental commitment everybody should take, "I will not get infected. If I do get infected, I will ensure it doesn't go on to one more person." Now I (you?) get COVID, and then I… you call your children and you know, like, you get COVID, and then you call your children and your spouse and you get emotional and you h

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