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[Music] listen closely for these words carry a blessing a gentle breeze of peace to soothe your soul a surge of strength for your heart come sit with me together let's gaze upon the Horizon now drenched in a Divine golden Grace whisper your dreams into my ear those dreams you've held close I've not forgotten them not one remember how you in your youthful innocence crafted visions of joy and Adventure Journeys that stretched far beyond the horizons of your imagination these dreams your heart's whispers are precious to me don't let them Fade Into the shadows of Doubt hold them close for together we can bring them to life as you grew that spark of joy in you flickered dimming under life's trials I understand it's not your burden to bear alone you were unfairly Laden with a load not meant for you while those who should have stood by you guiding and supporting stepped back I watched in quiet seeing the light I kindled in you glow through your darkest moments casting a radiant hope I saw how you didn't accept rejection as your fate something deep within you unspoken yet Mighty spurred you on you yearned to leave behind your Sorrows to sail to distant lands your heart's unselfishness caught my gaze unlike those absorbed in themselves you seek growth success and the hope to return to lift up those you cherish I've always known this about you for in your heart lies a seed of life wrapped in my Holy Spirit every struggle you've encountered has shaped you for this very moment my beloved child I cherish you and believe in your abilities your resilience is evident your heart steadfast tears have been your companions fear and anxiety your adversaries yet each Dawn brings renewal lighting up your face restoring your smile and empowering you to stand strong hear me proudly declare this is my child the Heavenly hosts watch eager to support you to steady your steps and Aid in realizing your dreams when you call I respond I've graced you with Divine insights and fortified your spirit your bravery touches my heart compelling me to bless you richly my commitment to my word is unwiring my promises I shall fulfill you have matured in wisdom and earnestness preparing to rise to a higher spiritual level avoid comparing yourself to others your path is distinct and personal with the gifts you've nurtured boldly pursue your aspirations UE Envy of others successes whether real or perceived let them pursue their own paths while you embrace your authentic Journey your efforts and victories won't be forgotten or obscured you are destined not for retreat but to conquer your own land of blessings your sincere goals will bear fruit flourishing immeasurably in these times of global distress you and your family will discover blessings While others bemoan lost opportunities your mind will be a fertile ground for my teachings every morning as you listen I plant seeds of creativity in you these seeds will soon Bloom into innovative ideas the Gates of Heaven will open wide for you and you'll bask in deep love there's no turning back the shadow of failure has dissipated my presence in your life is so profound it becomes your Sanctuary compelling you to embrace my words which leads to True Joy each morning you'll wake up energized driven by a Divine determination this heavenly inspiration will uplift your spirit your arms will strengthen your legs will gain swiftness and a Cascade of inspired thoughts will fill your mind led by my Holy Spirit you'll step outside ready to approach opportunities that await you dismiss all fears you'll be unshaken in interacting with influential individuals in this vast world no one has such influence as to cause you unease approach them with open arms and a genuine smile they'll open their hearts to you through you I will perform wonders and miracles the challenges you encounter are mere transient Shadows not symbols of your downfall everything you've lost will be restored enriched and blessed know this you were not fashioned for failure You Belong To Me Your Destiny isn't defeat my love for you is a testament to your eventual Triumph do not fear for I have been am and will always be at your side r in faith for today I bestow blessings and strength upon you standing unwaveringly by you I will never abandon you I will hear you and respond my word resides in your heart a constant reminder that Solitude is an illusion even amidst life's struggles I dispatch Legions of angels to guard your journey to Shield you from the hidden Perils of the dark when fear seeks to overwhelm you stand Resolute again adopting the perspective of a conqueror be aware that with each passing day my love for you intensifies My Sacrifice on the cross was for your deliverance to Grant you a life of abundance I extend myself to you unconditionally ever prepared to listen to embrace and to Grant the peace you desire fear not for you are never abandoned you are my precious treasure and nothing can detach you from my enduring affection rest now cease pondering over your troubles accept this Divine calm I unfold you in my grace your welfare and Joy are of immense importance to me I yearn to hear and understand all that troubles and obstructs your way just know that I am here to support you regardless of your circumstances should anything weaken or dishearten you allow me to Aid in finding resolution my Holy Spirit dwells within you endowing you with control and dominion over your emotions at this moment choose joy and rely not on others for your happiness it is my will that you be free from emotional bondage do not struggle with your own strength against sin and Temptation entrust to me the control of your thoughts your spirit and your heart withdraw from situations that unnecessarily cause you tension do not tread into the dwellings of your adversaries those who lead you into actions you do not wish to undertake enslaving you in customs that sadden my spirit guard your heart for therein lies your life stand firm and do not allow the violent to steal your joy I desire to hold the foremost place in all aspects of your life consult me before taking a step or making a significant decision and I shall guide you to avoid the snares of Thieves and the pit of the Devourer I yearn to impart wisdom daily to your family wishing for their blessings to abound and their souls to prosper may they hold my word prayer and discretion in high regard so that hurtful words do not Escape their lips refrain from Gossip and slander and and do not readily believe everything people tell you be wary of those you know to be habitual Liars do not permit anyone to seow grudges and fears within you come into my presence bring your circumstances thoughts and emotions to me pay attention throughout the day for you shall sense my presence in your heart and mind hearing my guiding voice observe your surroundings many people suffer and and their sadness is evident on their faces yet I desire my glory to shine within you that your courageous gaze M

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