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These Are The 4 Areas of Your Life Satan Aggressively Attacks

someone may wonder why does the bible warn against the devil so much and i mean we're told the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy we're told the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour now someone may be there thinking well i've never seen an attack of the devil i don't know what an assault from the devil looks like well allow me to share with you the different techniques employed by the devil firstly when the devil attempts to enter your life he will target your mind the bible in second corinthians chapter 11 verse 3 says but i am afraid that just as eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to christ the bible is warning us here not to let our minds be led astray by the serpent the devil you see the devil wants you to be so absorbed with the ways of the world that you're clueless about what god's word says he will do this through subtle messages and music lyrics words of advice from friends and by even planting sinful thoughts into your mind especially when you're alone and the mind is powerful the devil knows this he knows that if he can just get into your mind into your thoughts he can discourage you he can distract you and pull you away from meditating on the things of god the devil knows that if he can get you to entertain sinful thoughts lustful thoughts then he can have a foothold in your life he knows that if he can get you confused and be in the state of being double-minded then you will be unstable in all things he knows that if he can cause you to be worried and thinking of the worst all of the time then there's no way that you will receive the peace of god in your life so guard your mind because this is the area that the enemy loves to occupy the second area that the devil targets in our lives as believers is the heart there's a reason god's word tells us above all else guards your heart for everything you do flows from it are you guarding what you allow to come into your heart let me go a step further and ask you what is the state of your heart hebrews 3 verse 15 says as it said today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion but what does it mean to have a hardened heart why would the devil seek to have your heart hardened by sin well someone who has a hardened heart is spiritually blind such a person is insensitive toward the things of the lord such a person is only focused on chasing after their own desires instead of the things of god a hardened heart rejects god the greatest commandment is love the lord your god with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind now consider this perhaps the devil's greatest desire is to stop you from being obedient to the command here to love the lord your god with all your heart soul and mind perhaps the devil's greatest desire is to prevent you from giving god all of your heart so what does the enemy do he will be subtle and tempting and leading your heart's desires away from god so he will constantly dangle people things and desires in front of you anything to distract you so he can erect a false god in front of you that you don't even realize you have the third area in which satan attempts to enter your life is through your body romans 12 verse 1 says i beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of god that you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable to god which is your reasonable service let's focus on the words present your bodies a living sacrifice our bodies should be given to the lord as vessels through which he can work but you see the enemy will tempt you to defile your body and how does he tempt our bodies the main way is sexual immorality from the beginning of time until now many many men and women have managed to overcome great trials and tests of faith but crumbled because of sexual sin the bible says in 1st corinthians chapter 6 verse 18 flee from sexual immorality every other sin a person commits is outside the body but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body sexual sin is a sin that we are strictly told to flee think about it how serious must it be for the bible to use the word flee when talking about sexual sin dear listener don't open the door to sexual sin flee from it because if you open the door to it the devil will get a foothold in your life only jesus can set you free from these chains now my final point when it comes to the areas that the devil targets to enter your life it's to do with your words your mouth and your speech the devil knows we can cause much damage with our mouths if we do not bring them under god's control the enemy wants you to gossip the enemy wants you to murmur and complain he wants you to speak negatively and with profanity all the time because he knows the power of your words but let me remind you our mouths should be declaring the word of god our mouths should be testifying the goodness of the lord our mouths should be preaching the gospel of jesus christ now in summary be aware of the enemy's tricks but don't be afraid don't be fearful i want to remind you that regardless of how the devil comes at you jesus christ can protect you defend you and deliver you [Music] but this only happens when you run to him when you seek the lord don't let your guard down the bible says in james 1 verse 19 know this my beloved brothers let every person be quick to hear slow to speak slow to anger be quick to hear the word of god be quick to hear the voice of jesus christ the one that is calling you to repent and follow him be quick to seek and search for the holy spirit so that it's his voice that may guide you saints pray so that the holy spirit may be the voice that is loudest in your life a voice that convicts you to repentance a voice that pushes you to the word of god a voice that reminds you of how much you need jesus christ [Music] you

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