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[Music] once upon a time while walking with his disciples buddha came across a village he decided to stay in the village for a couple of days with his disciples this news spread like fire in the village that gautam buddha has come to their village hearing this people started coming to see buddha and they started asking for the solution for their problems buddha was also giving them all the solutions to their problems meanwhile a villager said to buddha oh lord all of us in the village make our living by working hard and we thank almighty for whatever he has given us but there is one person in our village who does not do any work and keep blaming almighty for his poverty all the time he always keeps cursing and abusing the almighty if we try to stop him he starts abusing us too we don't understand what to do the blessed one said with a smile you guys please bring him to me one villager said oh wise one that person is very rude he can also abuse you and we can't see him insulting you therefore it is not appropriate to call him here buddha smiled and said don't worry you bring him here tell him that i can solve his problem after listening from lord buddha few of the villagers went to bring him at first that person refused to go to buddha and said all these sages are hypocrites they all are fake i will not go to anyone but when some villagers told him that buddha can solve your problem he agreed on approaching buddha that person stares at buddha and said tell me what's the matter why have you called me here what do you want to tell me do you also want me not to abuse almighty why should i not abuse almighty what he has given to me he gave me this useless body but money is also needed for the body why did not almighty give me money what should i do with this useless body if you can solve my money problem then it's fine otherwise pack up your sack and get out of this village i know all of the monks are fake buddha was smiling instead of getting angry after hearing that person's word buddha said to the person my friend i am neither asking you to believe in almighty nor asking you not to believe in him the cause of happiness and sorrow of a person is his own karma that's why instead of cursing someone else if you work hard then your money problem can be solved hearing the buddha the man got furious and said i don't need your lecture you look like a hypocrite to me i came here only in hope of money tell me if you can solve my money problem otherwise get lost from here buddha saw that this person is not going to understand like this buddha said to that person look friend i do not have money nor do i need any money but yes i know a king i can get you money from him but in return you will have to give something to that king also the man said what what can i give to the king i don't have anything to give him then buddha said the king has a son who is blind by birth king's medical advisor have said that if they can get eyes of a living person then they can cure the eyes of the king's son if you give both of your eyes to the king's son then the king will give you gold coins equal to your weight and then you can live your life with these afterward that person got angry and said what are you saying i will have to give my eyes why should i give my eyes to anyone i will not give my eyes to anyone no matter how much money someone gives me buddha said but you are getting a lot of money in return don't you need money the man said yes i need money but it does not mean that i will sell my eyes for sake of money if i will not have eyes then what will i do with the money buddha said okay if not both eyes then at least you can give one of your eye even then i can get you gold coins equivalent to your weight from the king the man said are you gone mad i will not give even my one eye in return of gold coins my eyes are priceless how can i sell my precious eye buddha said if you want some more money in return then tell me i can get you from king the man said stop it my eyes are priceless you please leave this matter i don't need money i don't want to sell my eyes at any cost hearing this buddha said my dear friend just a few moments ago you are calling your body useless but now you are saying that your eyes are precious your eyes are just a small part of your body if your eyes are priceless then how can your body be useless listening to these words from gautam buddha tears came in the eyes of that person and he fell at the feet of buddha and started crying guddah picked him up and said my friend nature has given us this precious body but most of the people ignore it and keep cursing themselves just a few moments ago you are thinking your body has useless but now you are thinking it priceless in fact whatever human being get for free they do not understand their value therefore we should be thankful to nature that it has given us this precious body which is the best among all living beings [Music] often we see in our life that people get frustrated with their life and start considering themselves as useless but they forget that this human body and this life is a precious gift of nature human body is the best question of nature because only man has the freedom to do good or bad deeds only human mind can decide what is right and what is wrong animals or bird do not have such freedom therefore on getting such a priceless human life we should always thank that supreme power who gave up this life if you want to be happy then always think about the things that you have don't think about the things that you don't have now it is up to you whether you consider yourself lucky to have got human birth and be happy or you become sad by focusing your attention on the things that you don't have decision is yours [Music] you

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