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Overcoming Attention Deficiency – ADD & ADHD | Sadhguru

whatever your state of mind has been from your childhood to now need not be the state of your mind for the rest of your life find something that you're passionate about you need to develop some intensity of attention will naturally come [Music] the easiest thing to do is change the framework of our mind [Music] see when it comes to physical body and the mind no two human beings have come with the same capabilities isn't it physically mentally what one human being can do another human being cannot do it's in so many different ways [Music] so instead of getting a title that i'm attention deficiency and add a b c x y z so many things [Music] the thing is how to maximize who you are isn't it you have attention deficiency but i had another kind of problem i had too much attention if i pay attention to this one i can't shift my attention to this i'm just looking at this only for hours that also people thought is a problem people thought it is a problem he's just looking at one thing all the time i remember this situation so well it was so insane you know my father is academically excelled all his life but unfortunately he produces a son like me who has no concern about academics of any kind so he thinks he's a very strict disciplinarian and evening seven to nine every day in the evening we must all the four siblings all of us must study textbook i pick up some textbooks because it doesn't matter for me what and i open somewhere i don't care which page i just open some page and i i find some small speck on the page a tiny speck some flaw in the paper i just look at that that's about it it just grabs my attention in such a way i just sit there two hours just looking at this spec i don't read a single word but i never looked up and looked here and there because it really held my attention two hours i'm just looking at the speck because there is so much in a bloody speck you know there's an entire world in a spec people have spent their lifetimes looking after microscopic molecule or an atom isn't it speck is much bigger than an atom so people thought i was going crazy because i had too much attention so don't go on labeling yourself this and that who who decides you have attention deficiency is there some standard how much attention you must have or how much attention you must get there is no such standard anywhere isn't it you making it up the problem is right from childhood children are labeled and they are supposed to carry this label for the rest of their life what level of attention you have at five what level you may have at six at seven at eight at fifteen or twenty can be entirely different haven't many of you evolved through this process huh haven't you first day school you couldn't figure a damn thing maybe later on you did well or maybe first day you look like you understood everything by the end of the year you did nothing yes or no you you're a young man there are girls in the neighborhood i'm a mechanical engineer no that's okay i'm i'm a mechanical engineer are there girls in the neighborhood i asked no engineers generally tend to have neighborhoods which do not have a lot of girls so [Music] they must be moving away for some reason where does this come from mechanical engineer mechanical in the head so you're at a certain age now you get drawn to somebody you don't have to concentrate isn't it hello you don't have to concentrate they will invade [Music] so it is only a level of interest if you have a deep level of interest in something attention will come why will it not come you still have not found any interest in anything i don't know which part of the mechanics you're handling in london i heard the clock is not working so if you become profoundly drawn to something why will you not have attention attention will come do i have as much attention as somebody else maybe not i never had any attention for what was happening in the classroom but i didn't find that interesting i was but my attention was in all kinds of things does it mean to say i don't have it i have attention deficiency no i'm not interested in what they're putting up on the blackboard that's all so right now unfortunately all the girls have moved out of the neighborhood so you have attention deficiency find something that you're passionate about attention will come why will it not come not necessarily what i said just anything i'm taking that example of a girl because there is a chemical support yes there is a chemistry working for your attention other things need little more effort to pay attention to you need to develop some intensity of passion that's something that is important what you think is important if this comes into your perspective attention will naturally come i know others will say other things but what i am telling you is whatever your state of mind has been from your childhood to now need not be the state of your mind for the rest of your life the easiest thing to do is change the framework of our mind isn't it to change the framework of our body is very difficult to change the framework of our mind is the easiest thing to do because that is the most flexible thing but that you have made it like a concrete block what do you want to use your head for just headbutting [Music] you must keep this as flexible as possible isn't it hello you have made this into a concrete block what is the intention that's why i think so many are i mean the such passionate football fans the only thing that you appreciate is this that is also a good thing when it's done well but head can be used for many more things and you can do many more things only if you keep it completely fluid and flexible otherwise a concrete block is useful only for certain things so it doesn't matter what labels they put on you if you wish you can change the structure of your mind [Music] my [Music] you

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