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Liberating the Mind & Taking Charge of Your Destiny – Aubrey Marcus Interviews Sadhguru

mind is very simple for me because if you take away your attention it just dies california may be beautiful but people can be in hell isn't it within themselves in their experience in their homes in their situations they can create help for themselves everybody must do a little bit of engineering within themselves to see that being peaceful and joyful is not a challenge once this happens your intelligence will function in a completely different way [Music] thank you for sitting down here so i want to jump right in and there's a quote from yogananda he says you can control a mad elephant you can walk in water and live in fire but control of the mind is better and more difficult and i've certainly found that for myself i spend so much time wrestling with my mind i hardly have the energy to dance with life why is it so hard for us to manage our mind as people i'm have i have no such problem because i lost it long term when you don't have it you don't have to control it you know because it's a very uh very important notion that people think intelligence is somewhere here this is a living cosmos it's an intelligent cosmos we are just tiny one tiny product minuscule product and now we think we have so much intelligence and we have to control it manipulate it use it i have no such issues i gave it up long time ago so uh mad elephant i wouldn't want to control because i've seen them what they can do mind is very simple for me because if you take away your attention it just dies if you keep your attention and try to control it that's crazy so why is human mind an issue your mind is just an antenna not the source of intelligence intelligence is everywhere unfortunately people who deprived of basic ease in their life i've described the source of creation or they say god is peace those who deprived of love in their life they say god is love those who have fallen in their lives they say god is compassion but if you're none of these but you understand the idea of god has entered human mind only because before you and me came there was so much creation we we know we didn't make it so when we cannot figure who made all this somebody makes up a simple story there is one big man sitting up there who makes all this well today women are arguing why can't you be a woman this argument is going on everywhere different things i must tell you this in some of the southern churches these arguments going on why can't god be a woman as you know a couple of elections ago you tried to settle it you know what happened last election why couple and uh there are arguments like this you heard of idiyamin the waganda man idiyamin declared god is black i also agree with him because if a white man can have a white god why can't a black man have a black god what's the problem but you know white people black people they have not seen god because this only messengers and sons came to these parts of the world in india we know god is brown because indians believe god landed in india himself not his son not his messenger himself nine times nine times he came to india so indians especially indians who are living outside the country are very proud of this god came to our land himself nine times so i keep reminding them that is because god wouldn't trust anybody with indians he wanted to do the job hands-on so he himself came nine times and failed failure is obvious nine or ten times you can debate but failure is obvious what i'm saying is the idea of god or a certain source which could be in some human form or animal form or whatever has essentially come because you've not paid attention to the creation the idea has come only because you have no explanation for the creation but if you pay enough attention we don't know god loves you or not we don't know whether god is peaceful or not we don't know whether god is compassionate or not but if you pay attention to this flower or this leaf or a blade of grass you can see whoever created this is brilliant simply no question everywhere you see every atom you see it's intelligence intelligence intelligence but nobody said god is intelligence that's the biggest mistake we've made we said all kinds of things whatever we need we say god is wealth because if you're poor if you are hungry you say god is food if you have backache you'll say god is health everybody whatever they're deprived of they will make it into that leave all these things just take one piece of creation take an ant and pay attention to him you will see it's the most brilliant creation but we never said god is intelligence so this is a living intelligence everything here this is very cosmos in this where do i think i am intelligent if you find access to the intelligence there is you can function in a phenomenal way but within this bone box if you think everything that needs to be there is in this then all you will do is suffer your intelligence now you think a mad elephant is easier to handle than your mind so you must be madder than the mad elephant i don't know who said that but for me my body my mind is never a problem it always cooperates because that's what it's supposed to do my body and my mind should take instructions from me only then it's a useful instrument if it's start doing its own things then it's a new sense and this is what is happening to most people that their mind is the biggest nuisance in the world they would be better off without a brain yes if you remove half the brain everybody is going about struggling to be peaceful you take away half their brain they will sit you peacefully very peacefully so is that the goal i'm asking there is a possibility that is if you do not harness that possibility it becomes a major problem and you don't know how to harness it because you do not know whether it's a horse or an elephant or a cow or a deer when you do not know the nature of something how do you deal with it suppose right now here is a cup sitting here in my mind i think this cup is three feet in diameter now i will try to lift it like this how much ever i do this cup will not come in my hands now i think this cup is a serious problem because first of all i have no perception what the cup is right now that's all the human problem is they have no understanding of what their mind is they're trying to analyze the content content is what you picked up isn't it content is what you picked up in terms of life's experiences this content is of no use you can distance yourself from it very effortlessly the problem is the nature of the mind how does it function what is the basis of its existence if you do not com comprehend the nature of the mind well it feels like a mad elephant why not and you believe you can handle a mad elephant then you've not seen one i've seen [Music] one oh you don't want to be anywhere there when an elephant goes mad when it goes amok oh you don't want to be there anywhere in one kilometer and most of us don't want to be anywhere near our own minds because our minds do act like

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