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How to Access the Fifth Dimension | Unlock 5D Consciousness

in fifth dimensional creation the process is not about physically going somewhere to obtain what you desire instead it involves combining a clear intention coherent thoughts and a harmonious brainwave pattern with a focused emotional state when these elements align your thoughts become electric and a magnetic field forms around you this magnetic Center transforms into energy that carries your intention effectively broadcasting a new signature into the quantum field in this state of understanding the mechanics of fifth dimensional creation you no longer need to physically travel to acquire your desires instead you bring the experience to you by collapsing space and time you become a Vortex drawing experiences to yourself when there is a vibrational match between your energy and the potential existing in the quantum field by repeatedly revisiting this energetic signature every day opportunities such as new jobs houses or relationships find you because you are the attracting Force when you're truly immersed in the creative process creation means transcending the sense of self you become devoid of identity space and time transforming into pure consciousness this elegant state of generous presence opens up all possibilities within the quantum field and our brain and body align with the present moment however reaching this state requires effort and dedication most people primarily engage in three-dimensional creation where they attempt to manipulate matter with matter for instance seeking a good job involves submitting numerous applications attending multiple interviews and waiting for months to secure a position which might not even be fulfilling similarly finding a partner or making life changes involves investing time and effort following a linear progression through space in this three-dimensional reality time is an essential Factor as we move matter through space to manifest our desires for instance purchasing a house often involves a 30-year mortgage that takes considerable time to pay off when you guide people to shift their focus away from physical matter objects and particles and instead direct their attention to sensing energy and space a remarkable transformation occurs as they open their awareness their brain waves transition from beta to Alpha state but not just any Alpha state it becomes a highly coherent and organized pattern in this state the once imaginary world starts to feel more tangible and real normally when you are stressed and attempting to control various aspects of life or experiences your attention jumps from one thing to another each of these objects or experiences has a specific neural network assigned to it in your brain however as you learn to open your focus and your brain adjusts to this new state different compartments of the brain begin to synchronize and unify this synchronization enhances the connections within the brain making information processing more effective numerous measurements have been taken confirming this phenomenon it demonstrates that when your brain is in a state of coherence your overall mental state becomes coherent as well on the contrary when the brain experiences incoherence your mental state reflects the same lack of Harmony during our work or a retreat a significant moment typically occurs around the third day at this point we observe large areas of the brain synchronizing together creating a sense of unity communication between the left and right sides of the brain increases and the front part of the brain connects with the back leading to a state of whole brain coherence this transformation becomes evident as we interact with individuals and tears of joy often stream down their faces they experience a profound feeling of completeness making the concept of Desire seemingly irrelevant the magic of this experience unfolds in such moments while monitoring someone's brain through a strip chart we witness these patterns emerging suddenly followed by a brief pause it indicates that the person is receiving downloads or insights from a higher source beyond their ordinary senses the nervous system plays a crucial role in this process Ting is a superconductor of consciousness in the third dimension Consciousness comes into existence embarking on its Journey towards Awakening or self-realization in the realm of 3D human consciousness is primarily focused on its physical existence often disconnected from its spiritual essence the Journey of transcending the third dimension and ascending to higher States Of Consciousness is what we typically recognize as spiritual Transcendence during this process We rise above the physical aspects and become aware of the non-material aspects of our being The Fifth Dimension marks the entry point into the higher spiritual Dimensions leading us back to the source it exists as a plane of Consciousness a perceived reality a range of frequencies and a state of being resonating at a higher frequency than the third dimension where most of humanity perceives reality The Fifth Dimension offers a new level of awareness in the third dimension our reality is often distorted causing us to feel separated from the unified field of consciousness fear separation and scarcity are illusory experiences that appear real in this dimension consequently reactive emotions like anger sadness and other low frequency feelings are prevalent responses to life circumstances planet Earth a conscious and evolving entity is currently undergoing a transition into the frequencies of The Fifth Dimension through its Ascension this transition is not limited to Earth alone it is also accessible to all human beings residing on the planet consequently the socio-political systems operating based on the values of the third dimension are losing their hold and popularity what once appeared to be functional and reasonable to the masses is now recognized as flawed unjust and inadequate in serving the well-being of humanity while an increasing number of individuals have gained access to The Fifth Dimension the majority of people still find themselves existing somewhere between the third and fifth dimensions sometimes they experience moments of bliss compassion generosity and forgiveness towards themselves and others however at other times they become trapped in emotions of fear sadness anger and blame for the majority of people the transition from 3D to 5D is not a straightforward process it is more of a fluctuating state of being at times we might catch a glimpse or experience a taste of the 5D frequencies emotions thoughts and actions only to lose them again when we lose access to these higher dimensional aspects and revert to familiar frequencies emotions thoughts and actions of 3D consciousness it signifies a return to the 3D state now let's examine the fourth dimension which operates akin to an elevator capable of elevating or descending our consciousness the fourth dimension is intertwined with thoughts and emotions providing access t

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