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BUDDHA TEACHINGS FROM DHAMMAPADA (PART-1) | Buddha quotes in simple language |

It happened that the mind is the basis for everything Everything is created by mind and improved by mind when he speaks or acts with a pure thought supreme power Name is the value of account for loss The flowers [music] for Everything Everything Is Patented By Mind And Used By Mind When They Speak Or Act With Clearance Happiness With Me Like You Do It Is Unshockable This Is What Is What Is Defeated Pandavas Robert Difficulty Wait With Thought Will Not Be Free From Patrol On [Music] Joe Hybrid Don't Abuse At It Was Defeated By Way From With Officer Etc Deposit Piece Do That In This Point Don't Have Never Been Defeated By Parents Only Love Can Overcome His Throat Addison Incident And Unlock My Favorite England Van I Understands All Forms Of 12th Who Is The Went To Poles Due To Tree To Build Temptation To Moment f i am Lazy And Different A Husband Seeking Only Absolute Pleasure In The Wind Cannot Be Approved A Mountain Temptation Cannot Be Approved In f i am Love Earth Chal Control Deposit Anirudh Pleasure And pain ke dasharan roga is perfectly but is no direct van why not least a spirit in this regard truth and elect to practice self control ne banaye remove daal defilements van I am felt with self-control and truthfulness den I am too uniform to- Weiler Saffron Rog Hai Aur Bahana Isi The Truth Is For When I Believe Election 2018 I Am Unable To Find The Truth Machine License Reality Show Fear And Isko Division Only One Can Find The Total No A Heavy Rain Will Penetrate Jaipur Literally Disturbed Creeps Into And Collective Mind It's A Dozen Will Not Be Great Wealth Through Patient Did Not Under It's Strong Will Hand Rippling Mind It Do That I Grave And Every Move In The Future They Do Wrong I'm W Cream I'm Main Safar When E See The Results of the Election Main Friday Jodi Sunao and Ideas in the Future Way Number Choose ews-i Smile and Give Thanks See the Results of Questions that I Safar Now and Five Safars in the Future Way Do Wrong Is Safar W Page Me No That Life In Love and Pain in Knee Even More to See the Consequences of I'm Happy Now and I'm Happy in the Future Way Number Choose I'm Happy I'm Delighted to Know I'm the Good Wife in Pants img1 Mode Delighted to See the Consequences I Can Recite Launch Portions of Sacred Text Five Don't So Into Practice Then I'm Like Share Cutting Solar System Secretary No Closer to Enlightenment A Fine One Just a Little of the Secret Act But He Guy's Teachings Interactive Casting of Desire Will and Illusion Practicing Profuse 10 And Meditation From Attachment To Do Anything For Here In The Future Dan Medium Like This Kar Do Kar Do Hua Hai

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