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God Will Challenge You So That He Can Change Your Life | Inspirational & Motivational Video

as we Face life's challenges our first impulse might be to surrender or to Simply give up and let it be and I understand that sometimes I understand that sometimes you can get to the point of just asking the question God why me why am I not married yet why did I have to be sick why can't I make as much money as they are and while we may be stressed and pressed on every side I'd like to recommend something to you I would like to give you a formula that might help if you find yourself in that situation I would like to encourage you to stand strong in the Lord the Bible tells us to encourage one another and that's what I would like to do today whatever it is you are going through leave it in God's hands the Lord has the final say over your life and you need to hold on don't give up Don't Let Go don't give in and don't be discouraged too often because we're focusing on the negative we don't see the positive in that situation and we don't see what God is trying to do could it be that the reason for this difficulty is God wanting to reveal to you how real he is perhaps this is a test where God wants to demonstrate himself to be your provider or perhaps the Lord wants to use this trial in your life to demonstrate his strength and kindness to you this means that our part is not to question God we are not to demand answers or feel as though we're on the same level with God that he has to explain himself that's not the case our part is to have faith that God means what he says and he says what he means if he says all things work together for my good then my part is not to ask how but it's simply to trust that God honors his word if the word of God tells me that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all then my part is to Hold On by faith to this promise with the eyes of Faith you can see the hand of God the goodness of God in every situation regardless of how painful through faith you begin to consider if you've been placed in that set of circumstances for a specific reason or for a specific purpose a purpose such as unlocking a stronger desire for prayer in your life a purpose such as Awakening a hunger for righteousness and Holiness like never before in your life or perhaps the purpose of such a test is to expose the gifts and the calling that lays dormant inside of you and so dear friend whatever the purpose of this trial you're in I encourage you to do your part your part is to hold on in faith and look to Jesus and should you face the hardships of life should you encounter the many afflictions that we all face in life then we have a promise to hold on to and that promise is that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all regardless of the type of trouble you face or the form it comes in so long as you are in the Lord you will overcome you may have heard of the saying life is a roller coaster and it may sound a little cliche but there is truth to this phrase life is made up of good times and hard times we experience both its highs and its lows as Christians we're not immune to the hardships of life and in fact many would argue that we face more hardships than non-christians after all the Bible does say in Psalm 34 Verse 19. many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all take note here how the Bible says many are the afflictions now I'm not telling you this so that you would be discouraged but rather so that you would be grounded in your perspective loving Jesus Christ living for Jesus Christ doesn't mean you'll have a life that's free from any problems equally when You Face challenges or pain this doesn't mean the lord loves you any less than someone else you see God doesn't promise us a life that is devoid of suffering pain problems or difficult situations as a matter of fact he tells us the opposite in John 16 33 the Bible says these things I have spoken to you that in me you may have peace in the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world but you see after Jesus warns us of the many troubles we're to face in the world in the same verse He commands us to be of good cheer for he has overcome the world and so I may not know what you're going through but here's my message to you today be of good cheer because in Jesus you are an overcomer things might be tough right now everything might not be all right but be a good cheer have faith in the Lord and I declare to you that he will see you through you may be in a dark place right now but be of good cheer keep holding on to Jesus there is light at the end of that tunnel and not only does God want us to be of good cheer but he also wants us to turn to him in prayer during our difficult times in fact tough times can motivate us or prompt us to pursue God through prayer even more passionately and desperately than we normally would when we're in any kind of trouble we tend to become aware of how weak and limited we are on our own we feel helpless we realize just how much we need the Lord to intervene Jesus Christ is our comforter and a very present help in time of trouble the only help we would ever need yes as humans we still have feelings and emotions nobody can deny that God doesn't expect us to be laughing and dancing all the time but what he does want from us Is our commitment to him what God wants from us is faith because faith is what pleases God faith is what moves God to act so dear friend be of good cheer Jesus Christ has overcome [Music] thank you

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