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YOU WILL STOP WORRYING AND LIVE LIFE HAPPILY, After this | Buddhist story on worry |

[Music] once a man went to a monk and said sir please tell me how can i be happy hearing this the monk asked him to come with him to forest man agreed they both started walking to what forest when they were in the forest monk asked that man to pick up a stone that was lying there man picked up the stone both started walking again while man was still holding that stone in his hand after walking for a while the man said to the mom sir my hand is hurting and my arm is also very tired the monk said okay then you can put this stone down as soon as monk said this man dropped blast on right there and took a sigh of relief they both started walking again after a while the monk asked him how are you feeling now man replied sir i am feeling happy now after throwing that stone i am not feeling pain in my hand also my arm is feeling relieved now i feel much better now hearing this the monk stopped there he got a little serious and said my friend this is the secret to happiness this way you can live happily man was confused and asked sir i don't understand please explain the monk smiled and said you see my friend people lift so many stones of worries in their life and keep walking with them then how can they be happy therefore if you want to be happy then you have to throw away such stones which gives you pain [Music] if we see in our lives we will find that our condition is also like that man that man was carrying only one stone and was so upset by that but we do not know how many stones we are carrying on ourselves stones of worries stones of sad memories stone of rift in relationships and don't know how many such burdens we are carrying on our mind and then we complain that we are not happy how can we be happy until we take the weight of these stones of us if we do not get these stones of worries of our head we will get nothing but despair and sorrow therefore if you want to be happy in your life then throw away the burden of these stones of your mind and lighten up yourself because worrying won't do anything whatever will happen will happen by making efforts so be diligent and throw off the burden of worry from your mind only then you can live a happy and a satisfied life [Music] [Music] you

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