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Save Soil: Our Very Body | Conscious Planet

Imagine that your homeland is afflicted by the scourge of desertification, which makes it more difficult for agricultural crops to grow. The Indian capital is constantly afflicted by sandstorms, and now there is a fear of premature desertification in the region. Desertification and erosion are a cause for concern. The soil constitutes the natural habitat on which they live, and billions of organisms thrive because of these active organisms. Everything grows, we eat food, other animals grow. Everything happens because the soil is fertile. When that fertility is gone from the soil, that means we've abandoned the planet in many ways. We talk about carbon, we talk about emissions, we talk about pollution on many levels. But before that, we have to address it. The most important issue is because there is a misunderstanding on a global level. There is a campaign to promote civic issues as environmental issues now. If plastic bags are widespread in New York City, this is not an environmental issue. This is a civil issue. If our rivers are polluted, we can fix this in a year or two. If We planted the necessary disinfectant plants and implemented the law. These are civil issues that can be fixed with a little law enforcement and a little awareness, but the real issue is the soil. The United Nations institutions say clearly and through proven scientific evidence. They call this phenomenon soil extinction. You have heard about the dinosaurs that became extinct. You have heard About the dodo birds that have gone extinct, but now we're looking at soil extinction. This is suicide. You know it's real suicide. So, in 45-50 years from now, there will be a severe food shortage on the planet. This is inevitable when the food crisis happens. Well, who has the biggest weapons? He will come and confiscate food, and the chaos and pain that this crisis will cause to people around the world will exceed all imaginations. Do not think that only the poor will die. They will kill the rich and the rich will die. I am not saying that to paint a bleak picture. This is a fact that has happened many times in the history of mankind and once again is predicted by the world’s leading scientists. So, what should we do? Why does soil become extinct? where are you going? Sand turns into soil when you add organic matter to it, and what is soil becomes sand if you remove all the organic matter from it. If you go to a rainforest, you will see that the organic content in the soil is more than 70% in normal agricultural soil. The minimum organic content that should be present. Let's call it soil, it's a ratio of 3 to 6. 3% is the minimum acceptable but today, for example in India, 62% of India's soil does not contain more than 0.5% of organic matter. So, literally, we are on the verge of desertification and this includes the entire world. We do not We are talking about one country in the United States of America, the way the land is treated through the use of herbicides, cannabis pesticides, and insecticides. Well, we have to understand, that approximately 80 to 86% of the biodiversity is present within 12 inches of the surface of the soil when we use machinery. To plow, like a plow that digs up 9-12 inches of soil and we leave it open. This means that we are completely destroying biodiversity (Humus). What does biodiversity mean? It means humus soil (made up of plant or animal organic matter rich in life) This means that it is actually living soil. It is very important that the soil becomes the center of attention because if you put a third to 40% of the land, especially in the tropical world, under the shade of trees, you can easily correct the climate change that is happening now. The earth is getting hotter, simply because it is plowed or paved. The land has to live under cover. Plants of any kind, natural grasses, shrubs, trees, anything because they all serve environmental activities and we also have to understand, soil is an important carbon sink and it is the largest water swamp on the planet and soil forms the basis of all life. This is 36 to 39 inches of topsoil on average. On this planet, 87% of the life on this planet Keeping this biodiversity alive is the most important thing we must do now. Unless we start now, it will never happen. As part of this effort, we are unveiling a movement we call Conscious Planet. Planet's goal is to bring together as many people as possible. Right now, it seems as if climate change, the environment, all of this seems like a playground for the rich and the elite of society. No, this must change. Every individual, every human being must become aware of the danger we face. Environmental issues must become Electoral Issues Political parties must give great importance to environmental issues in their electoral programs. Governments must be elected based on their interest in environmental issues. This has to happen. We are looking at how to rationalize the health policies of 192 countries. The rally will start on the 21st of March, which is the spring equinox in London. From London, I will begin my motorcycle journey, alone. I will pass through 24 countries, 30,000 km to the Cauvery Basin. Where we work on the land in a river basin that extends 83,000 square kilometers and where 5.2 million farmers work, this very body that we carry is made up of soil, and without the soil being rich and good, neither this body nor all other living things can be well. So, with regard to the environment, With regard to climate change, the most important thing is that we adopt a conscious approach to how we treat the soil, how we renew the soil, how we revive the soil. This conscious approach and creating a conscious planet are the most important without including a large number of people. This vision will not become a reality because we are democratic nations, unless it is said People say this is what they want, this vision is not going to happen, so let's create a conscious planet together

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