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Free Online Gathering with Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth Youth Initiative

hi everybody welcome welcome to this special eart tole Foundation online event I'm so glad that you're here with us thank you my name is Tammy Simon I'm the founder of sounds true and I have had the great joy and honor of working with eart tole since 2001 and I'm also on the board of the eart tole foundation and have been on the board since its Inception and it's a great joy to be your host for this special online event during this event you'll be hearing more about the ecart tole foundation perhaps for some of you this is the first time you'll be learning more about the foundation's history and its activities and we're also going to introduce you to a New Earth youth initiative which is a new program that the eart tole foundation is sponsoring and it brings eckart's teachings and the experience of presence to young people who very well would otherwise not have access to these teachings and the experience of presence in eart and Kim's presence and you're going to be learning more about that also as part of this online special event we have two surprise videos I'm not going to say much more about it except that these videos are from some celebrated Visionary humans who are expressing their support of bringing earts teaching to young people most of all I want to thank each and every one of you for being with us there's a kind of ripple effect that comes from us connecting together in this way with a shared intent to bring presence to more and more people without Financial barriers to access so it is so wonderful to be with you and to have have this experience together oh and of course as part of our time together you're going to hear from Kim and eart did I forget to say that yes indeed that's gonna happen too and now I'd love to introduce you to someone who is the president of eart teachings and the co-founder and board chair of the eart tole foundation this is someone who's uh very special to me personally I've known this person for more than two decades now and watched her grow into her role with such beauty and dignity and the power of A Generous Heart Aaron Jacobson Erin a thank you Tammy and thank you all for joining us tonight I just wanted to spend a few moments and tell you a little bit about how we started and some of the inspiration for the foundation I've been working for eart teachings since it began in 1999 and our mission has always been the same and that's to share eckart's teachings with as many people as possible of course back in the early days we did not have a big team we basically did everything by hand you know there's almost it was the early days of the internet and I can still remember like it was yesterday folding paper flyers in the living room and packaging audio and video cassette tapes being in charge of duplicating the audio and video cassette tapes I was the one taking all of the phone facts and snail mail orders packaging them up and walking several blocks to the post office every day um in fact our very first covers were actually black and white photo copies that we made at Kingo as you can imagine over the years we have received a lot of feedback from people who have been impacted by The Power of Now And A New Earth and some of the most impactful feedback that we've received have been letters from people in prison writing to echart and expressing their gratitude as well as telling their stories and we have been so impacted by these letters and echart keeps every single one and even though we were impacted we it still made us think about all the communities with very little access that and we were wondering like how can we help them and giving back has always been a part of eart teachings and we've been doing so by giving those that can afford to pay event scholarships access to online courses uh we have a lot of teachings available for free on YouTube and other streaming platforms and even though that we've been giving individuals help we still wanted a way to be able to focus and give back to underserved communities so in 2016 we launched the eart toley foundation and we chose to support incarcerated people hospice patients and the underserved youth we've had a couple of large conferences where all the proceeds went to fund the foundation we've been G giving uh tens of thousands of books away to prisons hospices and the underserved youth we've brought the youth to learn directly from eard and Kim in person and we've been donating we've given grants to these communities and we also recently partnered with aovo and they are providing tablets and access to eard and Kim's teachings to over 250,000 people and we're also planning for eart to speak in a couple prisons soon in person and tonight we're highlighting the underserved youth because they need mental emotional and spiritual support and not only for their own personal well-being but because they represent Humanity's future and this world needs more conscious and aware people we are committed to help helping these communities and help them relieve the suffering caused by the dysfunctional egoic mind so that more people can show up in their lives present and aware and in touch with their essential nature if you're inclined to be a part of this impact we have three ways that you can help number one uh by sharing our social media posts about our book donation programs and our grant programs with your networks number two we of course graciously welcome any donations and number three and it truly is the most important my personal favorite quote of earts has always been the world can only change from within and that so that does mean that you being here connecting to presence and continuing to practice living your life from presence is the most essential I'd also like to thank all of you our incredibly generous donors and our dedicated Board of Directors for their service our staff and our volunteers and of course our executive director Ali wble all of you are making this work possible now it's time for our first surprise video uh expressing their support for the work that we've been doing by bringing earts teachings to young people this person's team reached out to me several years ago in hopes of connecting with eart and little did I know at the time what their Vision was and where this connection would go um I'm Amazed by this person's commitment to sharing eckart's teachings with his massive audience I would say that he is is making spiritual teachings cool in the eyes of young people he's definitely opening a meaningful conversation and he's using his art and his platform to not only share his own learning and wisdom but also eckart's teachings eart was featured in his most recent album throughout his whole album almost um Mr morali and the big steppers he is a multi Platinum Grammy and Emmy award-winning artist he was the first non-classical non-jazz musician to win a pull-up surprise for his 2017 album Dam here he is Mr Kendrick Lamar I believe people can um they truly can use well n

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