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Sadhguru on Anti-Hindu Riots in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is only 50 years old. And it went through an upheaval, unimaginable levels of violence at that time. And then a new country was formed out of that. But these unfortunate events are not just happening now, has been happening off and on. There are various forces behind these kinds of things. So one important thing that we need to understand is, it is happening, no denial that it's happening it is definitely happening. But this is not all across Bangladesh. So don't say it is happening Bangladesh, learn the name of the place. See suppose something, like it is happening, similar things are happening in Kashmir. So now we should outside the country and you say everywhere in India people are being killed like this. If you say that's not going to be fair to us, isn't it? Similarly, it's not fair to Bangladesh to say it is happening all over Bangladesh or it's happening in Bangladesh. It is happening. It is definitely happened in a few places. Homes have been razed to ground, burned down, businesses have been burned down, temples vandalized. A few people have lost their life unfortunately. But this is not the entire Bangladeshi population. This is a certain number. And now it's unfortunately, probably that is not a country, which is in terms of police force is as organized as other nations, it took three days or four days for them to respond in any real way. And I believe from what I hear from the news channels and everywhere it's been put down now. Can it flare up again somewhere? It can, such things are happening everywhere, unfortunately, in different proportions, between different parties. It's happening. And, above all, Bangladesh is a very friendly nation with India. So as a nation, we can't be blackballing their entire country. We need to condemn the particular incident. You cannot say Bangladesh is doing this, no. Bangladesh is a certain number of people. Hardly probably 200 500 people might have participated in these kinds of violence. It's very important that they are pinpointed not paint everybody in that direction, because you will grow animosity between nations by doing such things, which is not at all in anybody's interest, particularly not in India's interest for sure. So having said that, how do you stop this? Well, you can send the police if it doesn't control, you can send the army, you can shoot a few people, you can bring it under control. But this is not going to go like that. It can be stopped like that, for that moment. But if you want this to go, there's only one story. Human beings are doing this to each other. Because we are identified with different things. And we have forgotten that we are human beings. We have become this religion, that religion, this country, that country, this race, that race, all kinds of things. Everything except human. Everything except being a life. So, this shift of identity from being a narrow sense of identity, to a larger, or a global or a cosmic sense of identity is a must. See even you forgot I told you, be a mother to the world. But you forgot. How many times have you forgotten since then? Hello. Yes. When you forget, if he or she belongs to something else, and disagree with what you say, fight will happen. If you are verbally saying harsh things, if things go out of control, hands will rise. If hand is not enough, stick will rise. Your stick is not enough sword will rise, if that is not enough guns will come alright. You need to understand violence is not on the street. Violence is in the human mind. What is the source of this? If you look at it, the fundamental source of this is limited identifications that you have created. Because once you create an identity, the whole force of who we are, our intelligence, our emotion, our capability, our strength. Everything serves that identity. Well this may look like too far-fetched. Well, for thousands of years you've settled try to settle your problems by beating them down or doing something else has it worked. Any time it can explode all over the place, isn't it? If it has to genuinely work, large scale raising of human consciousness need to happen. If you're not willing to invest in that you will suffer this endlessly for always. Will all problems go away tomorrow morning? No. But tomorrow morning when you wake up, will you try to at least eliminate one problem which is you? Yes. This may look like ‘oh this is all philosophy. What do we do with those guys who kill these people?’ Okay, you go kill them. See, understand this. Right now, somebody there came and killed somebody in your family here. News cycle will run for 24 hours or 48 hours. If it is five people dead, 24 hours. 25 people, 48 hours, 100 people, five days 1000 people, a month. After that new cycle will forget about it. Yes? But the person who lost somebody dear to them, you think they will forget it in their lifetime? Hello. Not only they will not forget it in their lifetime, they will. They will sow the seeds of anger and resentment and hatred in their children's hearts, isn't it? Hello? Yes or no? So, this machoism is not the answer. Are you really concerned? If you're really concerned, you must understand, this is a lifelong mission. If you're just one day it is making you feel guilty. Let's go shout a slogan somewhere otherwise, tweet. Tweet something, or go and kill somebody. If you're interested in solution, that's not it. Somebody killed somebody and you kill somebody, you're only magnifying the problem. You're not in any way mitigating the problem. So this is a very deep rooted problem, that we have divided the world, in the form of nations, in the form of religions, in the form of race, caste, creed – how many ways. As a generation of people, all the young people were here, as a generation of people, if you don't strive to eliminate that divisions, fight will happen. At some point, today, or tomorrow, it will happen. Just because you wear a peace emblem around your neck is not going to stop. I'm saying this because in 60s, everybody wore peace pendant. You can wear any damn thing. With that only they will kill you. Because if my identity and your identity is absolutely separate, me wanting to put you aside, if you don't go away, to put you down, the natural consequence of strong sense of identity, which is not inclusive. If we're not willing to invest our life to solve this problem, there is no solution. I beseech every young person in the world, I want you to understand the most important thing to be done right now is to raise human consciousness. Because what we're referring to as consciousness is not a limited identity, it is a limitless identity. If that doesn't happen. Well, as we get more and more equipped, as we get more and more powerful. The numbers that will die will go on increasing. Yes. So when yours die, you feel hurt, when theirs die, they feel hurt, and they will carry that hurt and come kill you. You carry your hurt and kill them. There is no end to this. You need to under

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