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EP 04 – Exploring 40000 Years of Mysticism & Culture | Ride with Sadhguru

united states of america oh what a country [Music] you can see his spirit very strong [Music] [Music] if this is the last chuckle that you hear from me just know i went loving [Music] all of you wherever you are we are here right now with butte the hill or the little mountain that you see behind me is bare butte it is a formation that has happened because of coming up of magma or molten rock and soil but not really erupting like a volcano [Music] the giant tribes are supposed to have received all their wisdom at bear butte crazy horse one of the most well known and quite a remarkable leader of the lakotas his father received his vision here at the bear butte temperature is slowly going towards the zero from here on motorcycles is going to be tough and speed is going to be worse because as you go faster it gets colder [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you for all of you coming here to my home the black kills the creator gave to us very sacred very sacred the most sacred and i was born here in the black hills welcome [Music] oh yeah [Music] walk with him bless him and watch over him and maybe someday i will see him again i thank you for today it was really beautiful it was [Music] like kim and i was walking on them clouds we flew into each other [Music] very powerful i could see his spirit very strong [Music] and i hope he prays for us too it was awesome beautiful that's why i said i hope to see him again something [Music] [Music] don't put me through the gravel huh [Laughter] [Music] [Music] it's impossible to ride in this mini just another way [Music] oh see all these fancy fairings they put it's taking all the wind you know because i could see you like 75 degrees i'm telling you it's going away it was very scary to see first time i'm seeing a bike which is leaning but still going straight the pocket little close enough everything all service yep [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] now now we are here at mato tipila this uh fantastic formation of rock [Music] a lacolithic intrusion meaning it formed underground from the molten rock and became solid over few million years the surrounding sedimentary rock eroded away to display the tall core within [Music] it is made up mostly of hexagonal columns visually it's a sad to see [Music] it was a real eye-opener for me in many ways the key to understand native american spirituality the source of it what empowered them to know things for which there seems to be no other basis but here stands mata tipila as a powerful presence of vishuddhi which unfortunately today people are calling it as devil's rock [Music] in the shadow of the devil's tower i meet a little devil right here ah american gringo yeah thanks so much for coming wonderful oh the dawn is unreal you guys want to walk up there now there's like about 10 minutes up to 10 minutes back and then we're going to be looking at the other side in the sun be right on the rock you can drive it yeah i mean but be careful with your motorcycle because it's it's gravel road for like a half a mile [Applause] well this is where to come at night too [Music] i have no scholarship about these native american tribes what they did but feeling this matutepila i'm quite sure many of them sat in one place gazed with the land uttered the needed sounds and felt the lands that they have not been to [Music] so [Music] it is significant that being around matu tipila these tribes the plains tribes acquired a certain possibility and there is so much talk about handling the spirits how to deal with the spirits what to do beyond death it almost sounds very parallel to the yogi culture in this dimension because the power to handle the dead is only with those who have an active vishuddhi well the greatest example or the greatest manifestation of vishuddhi i cannot think of anybody other than shiva himself adi yogi um [Music] [Music] [Music] oh hello and welcome to a brand new episode of united dreams of america i am your host adati and today we have a very very very special guest with us so we have to go to big horn all right we have to go there in daytime that means uh it's four hours from here four hours and he is currently in the united states for his ten thousand mile bike tour named of motorcycles and mystic i will leave at one o'clock [Music] usa how are you namaste tell us a little bit about this journey one important thing is you cannot talk about united states of america without talking about the indian nations of the past and most people do not know there are over 300 there were over 300 nations they had their own education system they had our own spiritual process higher education in some of the tribes and men and women were equally participating in every aspect of life and a whole lot of tribes were matriarchal that means the lineage was through women these are all things we are talking about like their modern ideas today women's liberation this that i'm saying people have lived this way for thousands of years i think it's best to revive those cultures at least make people conscious of that it is with that intent because it is a oral culture nothing is written down there is no real archaeological sites as you would see in other parts of the world because they lived a simple off the land kind of life always they said whatever the truth about them is blowing in the wind so i thought it's best i ride a motorcycle and feel the wind not miss the wind medicine wheel big horn what's your horn like huh bomb [Music] both are like at a different frequency equally loud [Music] united states of america oh what a country [Music] when i say united states those of you who plan to visit the country don't just waste your time in new york or florida or los angeles or worse in las vegas you need to come to wyoming idaho south dakota and montana whoa what terrain unbelievable really bending down and riding the wind gusting at probably 35 miles which is making the motorcycle a bit uh unsteady wanting to move the other lane wind gusts at 40 miles per hour they're warning us if this is the last chuckle that you hear from me just know i went laughing a lot of deer hits in the night i think in the last 100 miles i must have seen at least 50 deers matched up at least 15. i would say [Music] is best for the motorcycles [Music] [Music] the road up the mountain is a motorcyclist dream been fantastic riding up let's go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the medicine wheel a large wheel of our 300 feet diameter i think with 28 spokes probably functioning both as a calendar and as a sacred guide to various auspicious events for the native american people [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] here we are at the little big horn battlefield little bighorn battle is a historic battle in the making of united states and also in taming the plains indians this was one significant battle but this battle turned in favor of the native americans [Music] a tactical mistake that general kuster made and he went into the attack

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