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YOU WILL LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHAT YOU ARE, After this | Short motivational story | Buddhist story |

[Music] once upon a time there lived a sculpture in a small town he would break big stones from the mountains and shape them to make idols he would work in hot sunshine and sweat throughout the day there was a lot of hard work in his job but his income was very low one day the sculpture thought while working that what is the use of doing this malware i can't even earn bread for two times a day with this work if i become a famous man then i will not have to do much work and i will sit comfortably and have fun one day he saw a political leader he was always surrounded by crowd around himself hundreds of people bore him with folded hands the sculpture thought that how nice it would be if he was a political leader he fell asleep while thinking about this he saw a dream that he has become political leader he was very happy to be a leader one day when he was holding a rally after becoming the leader he could not bear the heat of the sun and fell unconscious there on the ground on regaining consciousness he found himself laying on the bed he started thinking that the sun is stronger than him no one can bear you'd see it he thought how nice it would be if he were the sun as he thought he found he had become the sun now he would shine with pride and generate scratching heat some time later he saw a farmer working comfortably in the field he increased the heat but did not make any difference to the farmer then he found that a cold wind is blowing which is giving relief to the farmer from the heat of the sun then he thought it means that wind is more powerful than the sun he thought how nice it would be if he was the wind as he thought he found that he has become went being the wind he started moving here and there he was very happy one day suddenly a formidable mountain came in front of him he tried a lot but could not move mountain and go across then he thought it means mountain is more powerful than me he thought how nice it would be if i were the mountain as he thought he found that he has become mountain now he boasted of his eyes and being powerful he was very happy that now he could retain wind after a few days he heard the sound of the chisel and hammer bothering him when he looked down he found that his sculpture was making an idol by breaking stones from him with his hammer and cheeser he wanted to stop him but could not stop and known his state in despair then he thought this culture is breaking me to make statue it means that he is more powerful than me he remembered that in fact he was also a sculpture he thought how nice it would be if he was a sculpture again but this time it did not happen as he imagined he started praying god to make him sculpture again but his wish was not getting fulfilled he was crying that he should become a sculpture again just then he woke up in panic he saw that he was still a sculpture he was very happy to see him sculpture again he was happy that he is the most powerful and today for the first time he was feeling the satisfaction and happiness of being a sculpture if we see in our lives we will find that in reality the work of any person is not small or great everyone's work is important at its place for this one should not hesitate to do any work but should feel proud in it that sculpture has started to hate his work that's why he started wishing to become something else but when he saw in his dream that he is the most powerful of all then he started taking pride in being a sculpture similarly if we love our work and do it with honesty then we can get whatever we want in life [Music] you

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