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Enemies, Karma, Integrity & Success – College of Defence Management Hosts Sadhguru

the fight is not yours you have to fight when you hit the enemy it should be death not injury you must be effective without inspiring the men you can't do the type of activity that is expected of a soldier trying to be humble may make you very pretentious it is better you have pride accepting failure is a dangerous process it's better you learn not to fail you're in the forces failure may mean death you can't learn after that [Music] namaskaram namaskaram to all of you it's a great privilege in honor to be talking to the bravest men of bharat namaskar group on behalf of air vice marshal pawan mohai this is defense management i extend a very warm welcome to you with for his interaction with officers and ladies of the college of defense management it is indeed my honor to conduct this evening session on the topic of engineering for combating adversities adverse circumstances and situations are an integral part of life for a soldier and their families as soldiers battle the enemy on our borders our families hold the home front and face encounter numerous challenges and with utmost courage and perseverance however we've been born into an unpredictable and imperfect world as finite human beings who have shortcomings who make mistakes face decision dilemmas and carry our own set of worries there is much to contend with and our ability to handle adversities is limited while our unabated inquest to seek answer continues we are indeed proud and privileged to have amongst us honorable and respected satguru a yogi a visionary humanitarian and the most widely followed global spiritual leader in 2017 satguru was conferred the path of ibrushan one of india's highest civilian award accorded for exceptional and distinguished service satguru bridges the gap between known and the unknown enabling all to explore and experience the deepest dimensions of life which give us an insight into the finite energy and delight that makes up the universe without any further delay i would now address the first question to respected satguru sadhguru as per the karma theory karma is accumulated impression of past activity either of thought emotion or physical action during operations as a professional soldier i am expected to obey the orders of my superior authority as also resort to actions which may result in injury or death of another human being which karma account will have to enter this transaction mine my superior military authority for the senior commanders and the upward list could go on could you please throw some light on it respects to all of you brave men and uh above all your families who bear the brunt of your bravery in many ways of daily living and suspense and anxiety about your well-being so i bow down to all of you for this see when it comes to a fighting force well you did not start the fight when you hit the enemy you are not hitting for personal pleasure you are fulfilling a larger purpose this is important that we do not mix up philosophies of life which are manufactured in our heads with the realities of our existence we are still not in that kind of a world or we have failed to create that kind of a world the failure is uh mine and people like me because we have failed to create a world where the world will embrace each other everybody will embrace each other and live in love and joy such a thing we have failed to create men like you have to fight it is still the reality anybody who is denying the reality for themselves will pay a huge price i think we as a culture as a land we have paid this price already centuries before that because we thought we can deal with life with philosophies a few hundred men who came from elsewhere managed to conquer us rule us do all kinds of things to us even a business company which comes ends up ruling us for over 250 years so it's time to understand in free india a soldier should know the fight is not yours you're fighting our fight you're fighting because of my failure to be able to create a loving and joyful world so you have to fight and when you fight and when you hit uh you said it may cause injury or death i know this will be shocking for people that i say this no when you hit the enemy it should be death not injury that's not a good thing because you're not a police force you're a fighting force on the border you will fight only with those forces which will threaten the nation so you must be effective you should not be fluffy with philosophy well we have a famous teaching in the country i'm not an expert in this i have not even read it from you know in its real sense uh but you know uh someone who is supposed to be godlike a divine entity is encouraging another person who happens to be a warrior who whose head is fluffed up with philosophies so all that the divine entity is trying to do in the form of arjuna and krishna is that he's trying to bring some practical sense you're a warrior you're on the battlefield and now your head is fluffed with philosophy it's not going to work to put it very bluntly this is all the teaching is because your actions have to be relevant for the situations in which you exist if you go into the battlefield and you don't hit the enemy the way you should and you come back with your uh karmic stuff your your karma in a nice flowery way this is very bad karma because nation's resources are being wasted and the possibility of what it could bring to the country is another thing so it's very very important that we need to understand there is an existential situation there is a psychological and emotional situation and there is a social situation these are all not the same things so a fighting force handles a certain existential reality that still human beings have cannot come to this point where they can hold hands and live joyfully with each other we've still not come there hope we get there it's an ideal but it is not something that we will see immediately it is going to i don't know how long that we will take but we should not give up the ideal but till then we have to manage the practical as it should be the next questions are guru as we grow up in the armed forces sometimes the circumstances around us compel us to take autocratic decisions over a period of time these become rigid habits which some of us unknowingly display in form of arrogant behavior while professional competence and ambition is necessary to climb up the ladder one important quality of humility continues to be ignored as too many leaders think that they can't be humble and ambitious at the same time could you please highlight the importance of humility for any leader and how do we develop this essential skill so uh that means somebody is trying to be a commandant even at home with the family i think by now you should have discovered it doesn't work [Laughter] well this habit of giving orders should not become a habit it is important once again i stress in a fighting force which is not a normal kind of social situation where we can sit down

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