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The Power of Kali

Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya chanting Sadhguru sings Shivanagi Bandhano. US Sounds of Isha music. Sadhguru: Namaskaram, namaskaram to everyone. All of you who are here in this weather (Laughs) and every one of you wherever you are. Well, coming towards the end of the year, but unfortunately United States is going from bad to worse with the virus. Over 3000 people per day, mortality. Well, it's bigger than… in one day, I'm saying it's bigger than the so-called great tragedies that occurred in this country in the form of Pearl Harbor or 9/11. They were below 3000. This is taking over 3000 people per day. Well… there is probably vaccine from today on. But everyone must understand, the vaccine is fine, it will definitely make a few things better. But it's not a magic wand. There is no substitute for a conscious responsible behavior, there is simply no substitute. Well, still there are campaigns going on in the country as to how it is all a fake campaign by certain media. Please, it's time you come to your senses. How many people have lost their dear ones, how many people have lost their livelihoods. How many people lives in big turmoil and you still think it is a campaign by somebody. I hope… I think the virus has gotten your brain long time ago (Laughter). Please come to your senses. Because what you do, how you breathe, how you behave, how you speak to people is going to determine whether they live or die or maybe yourself, who knows. The question is not to create panic. The intent is not to create some paranoia. Why is a few months of responsible behavior so difficult? This need not have lasted one full year if every human being on the planet cooperated. It need not have lasted this long. But waves and waves are coming back because human beings are yet to qualify as beings. Still behaving like creatures. A being means one who knows how to be. If we knew how to be, a virus is not a issue, it's another life. Who knows? Who knows? This is not to ridicule the situation but who knows, the virus may lead to some significant evolutionary process within you and you may grow a halo around your head or something, you know (Few laugh). It's happened in the past, I'm saying, not a halo, but more important things happened. They say human placenta, which is vital for our development, in our mother's wombs happened some hundred million years ago because of virus infection. So, we have benefited in the past. Hope some great benefit will come out of it. But the greatest benefit that can happen right now, which we can effectively bring about in human societies is that we can become a conscious responsible generation. This is the greatest benefit that we can bring about and in turn, a halo may appear. Yes (Laughs). This is a month which is known as “Margazhi” in the southern Indian culture, because certain things are recognized in certain cultures, where they follow a calendar system, which we call as lunisolar calendar. That means both the cycles of the Moon and the cycles of the Sun are taken into account to make the year. It does not go entirely according to the number system of modern calendar that we are using right now. I'm calling it a number system, it's because everything is set, as it's made easy to count for you, that's all. But a calendar must have a relationship with the celestial movements of what relates to this planet. Well, modern calendar has, not that it doesn't, they have corrections and stuff to relate to it. But still, it doesn't make you aware of what's happening today. Modern calendar has no mention of a full moon or a new moon which has a significant impact on both human physiology and psychological framework. And the glandular secretions in the body are significantly different according to this, according to the cycles of the moon. And the glandular secretions, as all of us know today, at least intellectually, is, in many ways regulating. Well, in modern psychological terms, they are in many ways regulators of the body at various levels, and particularly of your moods. If you still have moods, good moods and bad moods, that means you're still a creature. That means you don't know how to be. So, if you're still available to these processes, then Margazhi has a certain significance because this is considered very dear to Shiva, because it comes closest to stillness. Life becomes reasonably still compared to the effervescence throughout the year. It comes to kind of a restful state. It is the sleeping time for the northern hemisphere of the planet. You woke up very early today, those of you who are here, (Laughter) I shouldn't be using these words – sleeping time. But I believe the, the bite of the cold will not let you sleep, I think so. Hello It's not… just, I think it’s just about two degrees right now. So, it won't freeze you. (Laughter) Yeah. My hands, my tips of my fingers saying it's around two three degrees. (Laughs) I’ve not looked at the barometer, but my fingertips are saying it must be around two to three degrees centigrade I mean. Rest of the world-made temperature and other things easy to read. America is still following a difficult system. (Laughter) Thirty-two degrees is zero. (Laughter) How? Don't ask me. I don't know, I just said. (Laughs) So, this month of Margazhi, many things are done to see that this becomes a restful state, not a depressive state. Because being in a restful state, becoming lethargic, becoming depressive are progressions of the same thing. You rest because you understand rest is the basis of all activity. How well rested this is, (Referring to oneself) will determine how dynamically active this can be. If you don't get the needed rest, this (Referring to oneself) will become hyper and collapse. It is important that it's restful. But if you make rest into a philosophy, (Laughs) some people make rest into a philosophy. Rest is a requirement, like food is a requirement, but some people have made food into a philosophy. Some have elevated it to the status of religion. (Laughs) I'm thinking of becoming a chef (Laughter) because I find if I say the most profound things, how many people are excited about it. And if I just talk about food, whoa, global response. So, I was just thinking maybe it's time we change our activity from (Laughs) initiations and meditation and kriyas and yoga, cooking and eating. (Laughter) Very easy. So, if you make rest into a philosophy, it will become lethargy. If you establish yourself, if you graduate in your lethargy, you will slowly become depressive. So, let's not go there. This is a time of restfulness for the planet, at least the northern part of the planet because of various… Find out, okay. Today, there is your wise aunt from California, you can ask her and find out what exactly is happening in terms of planet’s relationship with the rest of the solar system, but it is happening. Everything slows down. Rest – don't make it a philosophy of lethargy or don't move into depressions. I'm saying this repeat

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