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Is there GOD or not ? What did Buddha say ?

[Music] one day in the early morning gautam buddha was sitting in a garden quietly with his disciples a man arrived silently and stood in the shadows that man was a great devotee of lord rama he had built many temples across the country he had devoted many years in the service of lord rama he would always chant rama's name and contemplate on rama's greatness he was old and close to his last years even after many years of dedicated spiritual efforts he was not realized he wanted to know for sure if there is god or not when he heard about buddha he came to get his dog cleared when he felt nobody would notice him talking to buddha he asked gautama o tathagath please tell me the truth and truth only is their god or not buddha from his intuition knew that the man to be a great devotee of lord rama he looked at the man with seriousness and said no my friend there is no god the man was shocked whole of his life he had been believing god but now buddha said there is no god buddha's words were final for him with many questions in his mind he went away from there when it was getting late in the evening and once again buddha was sitting with his disciples in a garden there came a man who was a materialist who had been an atheist all his life he had convinced thousands of people that there is no god at all he used to go to the priests and scholars and defeat them in the argument about god he too was getting old and little suspicion arousing his mind he thought what if there is god is not it waste of my life to spread the nor god message if there is god he was eaten by his doubt he finally decided to know the truth and sought the enlightened one he slowly came up to where buddha was sitting and asked him they say that you are enlightened please tell me if there is god or not buddha knew that the man is atheist and he said with firm voice and firm conviction yes my friend there is god the man was also shocked he had been a atheist all his life but now buddha had answered against his assumption he had faith in buddha with many questions in his mind he also went away from there one of buddha's disciple who was sitting near buddha in morning and evening had listened to both the answers of buddha he was extremely confused after listening to both these answers at night when all were preparing to sleep he went near buddha and said oh lord i am feeling very restless due to one question in my mind in mourning you told one person that there is no god and in evening you told one person that there is god please tell me what is the truth is there god or not kindly reply else i shall not be able to sleep tonight the buddha smiled and said the answers i gave them were only for them it has nothing to do with you but still if you want to know then i tell you the man who came in the morning was a theist he had been believing in existence of god but he never tried to find the truth about himself his spiritual journey had stopped there therefore i told him that there is no god to grow his spiritual quest now he will try to find the truth and his journey will start the another man who came in evening was the atheist he had been believing blindfold that there is no god he also never tried to know the truth about his own existence his spiritual journey had also stopped there therefore to grow his spiritual quest and start his journey i told him that yes there is god now he will try to find the truth and thus his journey will start i told each of them what they needed for the spiritual quest to grow stronger the believer needs to find out while the non-believer needs to find faith that's the only way to grow the disciple asked but lord what about me buddha smiled and said just continue meditating and you will arrive in our lives we see that there are two type of people in the world one are those who believe in god another are those who don't whether you believe in god or not it is not important important is to know about our real self important is that one needs to realize the truth within himself ultimately how far we reach will depend on how badly we want to achieve the goal those who has a great quest to know about their real entity will do diligent self-efforts to find the truth and the truth will be revealed to those who wants it the most this is words of wisdom inspirational stories thanks for watching [Music]

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