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my dear child I speak to you now not as a distant deity perched high in the heavens but as your everpresent father walking alongside you in every moment of your existence I invite you to draw near to draw from The Well of my grace that overflows with boundless salvation and unwavering love the joy that bubbles forth from knowing you are eternally saved is a testament to the depth of my love for you in your daily life let this truth resonate in the very marrow of your bones for you are mine and this connection is the source of a spring that will never run dry as you begin each day let your heart swell with gratitude offer up thanks for the Sun that Graces the sky for the breath that fills your lungs and for the countless blessings that I have showered upon you and as night falls and the Stars take their place let your final thoughts be laced with thankfulness for even in your Slumber I am there watching over you my precious one know that the salvation I have given you is not just for your Solace but also as a beacon for others you are a vessel brimming with living water my spirit that yearns to overflow into the lives of those you touch let this living water be a balm to the weary a comfort to the sorrowful and a guide to the Lost call upon my spirit within you to extend my love to others whisper the prayer Holy Spirit think through me live through me love through me and witness how I work through you to reach out in compassion and Grace as you allow these streams of Living Water to flow freely from within you you become a conduit do it of my presence on Earth imagine the joy that fills the heart when the parched soul is quenched the downtrodden spirit is lifted and the wandering Seeker finds Direction This Joy my child is not only for the recipient but also for you the bearer of my Divine spring for in giving you too shall receive and your joy shall be made full consider the enormity of the gift of eternal life a promise so profound that it transcends all understanding it is a treasure beyond measure a hope that ignites the darkest of places and it is yours freely given because of my immeasurable love for you let this knowledge be a constant source of comfort and strength no matter the trials you face for you are never alone never without the Wellspring of life that is is my spirit within you I beckon you to drink deeply from the wells of Salvation Let each sip remind you of my unwavering commitment to your well-being as you fill yourself with this living water remember that it is an inexhaustible Source there is no drought within my kingdom no shortage of Mercy or scarcity of Grace your cup overflows so drink and be satisfied in those moments when you feel distant when you question and doubt come back to the well draw again from its depths and let the cool refreshing truth remind you of my unchangeable nature I am the same yesterday today and forever my promises are as steadfast as the Earth beneath your feet and the heavens above your head let your life be a testament to the joy that is found in me share your story tell of the Wonders I have worked within your heart for every testimony is a ripple that extends far beyond what you can see touching lives shaping Destinies and glorifying my name walk in the Assurance of my love bask in the warmth of my grace and let your heart be merry for you are loved you are cherished and you are forever held within my Almighty hands Rejoice beloved for your name is written in the Book of Life and your place is secured in my eternal Kingdom Rejoice indeed my dear one for the joy of your salvation is a treasure that you carry within you a Beacon of Hope for all to see a legacy of faith for all to follow and a NeverEnding song of my unending love for you lift your gaze unto me your maker your Confidant your Everlasting father as the morning sun bathes the world in its golden warmth so does my countenance beam upon you with rays of infinite love and tender Mercy feel the Embrace of my presence let it wrap around you like a cloak warding off the chill of your Earthly tribulations within the hushed sanctuary of your heart where faith has made its home home know that I the Lord of all creation and The Shepherd of your soul reside with quiet power and Relentless devotion my Grandeur which shaped the heavens and carve the foundations of the earth pairs with the meekness that wash the feet of Sinners to bestow upon you a wealth beyond measure you born into a realm fractured by sorrow and suffering often forget your Noble Heritage you are more than a mere sourer upon this terrestrial sphere you are an heir to an eternal Kingdom Chosen and cherished by me the King of Kings the crown of life awaits you and the Royal Blood of Heaven's Throne courses through your veins as you Journey do not falter when you encounter valleys veiled in Shadow or mountains marred by menacing storms the moments of Despair as sharp and as biting as they may seem are fleeting Whispers in the grand chorus of Eternity I am beside you within you around you steadfast and unmovable my arm is not too short to save nor my ear too dull to hear your cries when the heat of trial seeks to sear your spirit be not dismayed I have not left you defenseless The Shield of faith and the sword of the spirit are yours to wield stand firm in the assurance that the trials are but instruments in my hands tools to refine you to shape you into a vessel worthy of the high calling I have placed upon your life and there will come a day oh precious one when your faith shall be sight a day when you will step forth from the shadows of mortality into the unending day of my glory light in the that Eternal morning the Sorrows of this world will dissolve like Mist before the Rising Sun and Death Shall be no more No More Tears no more pain for the old order of things will pass away and behold I make All Things New in this Divine Radiance you will see the fullness of my joy the depths of my love and the true purpose of your being you will reign with me in a kingdom where the light of my face illuminates every corner where the River of Life flows clear as Crystal and the Tree of Life bears fruit In Perpetual abundance do not lose heart dear one as you navigate the troubled waters of this life keep your eyes fixed on the promise of what is to come let Hope be the anchor for your soul firm and secure as you await the day when you shall truly live in the fullness of my blessing the Lord bless you and keep you the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you remember always I am with you even to the end of the age I am your father your guide your protector and your greatest admirer I have called you by name you are mine you are rich Beyond Your Wildest imagination not by the world's fleeting fortunes but by the Eternal wealth of my unending love and grace walk in this truth and Let the Peace of my presence be the joy and the strength of your life you are my beloved and in my eyes you are royalty ad

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