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Harness the Law of Assumption to Manifest Your Desires | Ancient Rosicrucian Wisdom

the more rosicrucian principles are analyzed and tested and used in a practical and serious manner the more enthusiastic members become and the more proficient they become in obtaining results you can use the principles of assumption to make your life happier more contented and really more prosperous in the actual necessities of life and the pleasures of life proper way in which to make your life happier and more abundantly supplied with all of the good things is to use the principles of assumption in just the right way undoubtedly each one of you know of some person who represents your ideals of Happiness contentment and health many times you may wish that you were like that person and could have the sweetness and goodness in life that such a person has ignorant people will Envy those who have health and happiness whereas a Mystic will not envy but rejoice in the fact that certain other people have contentment and health and the other blessings of life and will try to emulate them and to be like them now here is where the principles of assumption enter into our consideration we should not attempt to substitute ourselves for the people who are happy and contented but we should create in our minds an ideal person who is enjoying the ideal things of Life As We Understand them first we should create in our minds the picture of a person who is healthy and who always has a smile in her eyes and on her lips a a kind and encouraging word for everyone and who has a comfortable home nicely located in a peaceful and respectable location with a happy contented group of loved ones and with a moderate but Dependable income such an ideal person can have many qualities and conditions that we can invent or imagine we can give to such a person a beautiful singing voice by which she entertains others and entertains herself or refinability in oratory we can give her many other special attributes that we consider necessary to our ideal of a happy person now the next thing to do after creating such an ideal in your mind is to use the principles of assumption to assume that you are gradually becoming that ideal person hours of each day go about your affairs with the mental assumption that you actually are the ideal person you have pictured in other words after you have built up a character a personality who is happy and contented in life and who has what you believe to be the ideal things in life then you should supplant your present self and your present conditions by assuming the ideal ones in order to be consistent and have the principles work properly you will have to carry out your part of the Assumption if you are assuming yourself to be the ideal happy contented person you must act that way during every hour that you feel you are assuming that ideal character you must feel that you are healthy you must feel that you are happy and contented it must radiate from you with conviction as if it were absolutely true such an ideal person could not be grouchy complaining fearful worried or envious that would be a black mark upon the ideal picture that you have made Therefore your first step in carrying out your part of the Assumption is to take on the characteristics and attitude and to carry out the actions of the ideal person whom you have invented it is just as though you were writing a story for a novel or a film or a play it is as though you put into your story and ideally happy contented prosperous person who was spreading sunshine and peace encouragement and inspiration everywhere she went now if you were called upon to act the part of that character in a play on the stage you would not only have to use the words that such a person would use but you would have to feel that character in every part of your Consciousness and every little thought and look and movement on your part would have to be consistent with the characteristics of that person in carrying out this Assumption of such an ideal character day after day for some weeks you will soon find that you are creating around you an environment and attracting to your surroundings the same prosperous happy contented conditions that you visualize you will find that you are actually creating the very things that you have wanted so during the coming week I would suggest that every day for a few hours you throw yourself into this ideal character and let your whole thinking and acting be changed by this characterization of your ideally happy person you will find it will have a great psychological and Cosmic effect upon your thinking and this will affect your health and it will attract to you many Pleasant things that will make your days and hours happier and more contented you should begin the work this week by assuming the characteristics of this ideal person for a few hours each day especially during those hours when you are alone and can carry out the part without attracting attention working with these new principles of assumption you may find it will open a new Vista and a new field of possibility you must remember that of all the creatures created by the Divine human beings are the only ones that possess the creative power in a mental and psychic form this creative power is part of the Divine Consciousness in us and it is this element of divine Consciousness that distinguishes humans from all other creatures or all other living things in any of the other living being kingdoms whatever a person thinks and concentrates upon and at the same time directs their creative Consciousness toward becomes a manifest thing somewhere in the world every time someone intelligently deliberately and knowingly sits down and meditate concentrates and mentally create something they are sending forth the thought form of their creation and this thought form will become a materialized actuality somewhere sometime we discover from our use of this power that it cannot be used inversely or wrongly a creative power is something entirely different from a destructive power the creative power of our Consciousness cannot be inverted or perverted to send forth destructive thoughts destructive forms or destructive vibrations everything that emanates from the consciousness of a person and becomes a thought form that will carry on and on until it is made manifest must be constructive and creative not destructive this is why you cannot injure another person mentally or through any formula or mental process the cosmic principles that cooperate in keeping a person in tune with the creative power of the universe are so harmonized that any destructive thought or attempt at destructive application of power simply neutralizes itself this creative divine power within you is under your immediate control all the time it can be used to create or recreate new cells and new conditions in your body or to recreate and create new things outside of your body from the truly esoteric and metaphysical point of view there is no difference between concentrating upon some cells in the body t

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