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𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: I AM THE PRINCE OF PEACE | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

[Music] my dear Child come to me and find solace in my presence I am the prince of peace and you need my peace continually just as you need me at all times when life flows smoothly it's easy to forget your profound dependence on me yet when challenges arise you become anxious and distressed eventually you return to me seeking my peace I gladly bestow this precious gift upon you though it may be hard to receive until you quiet your heart how much better it is to remain close to me always remember that I your prince hold dominion over all of heaven and earth when You Face adversity come to me and pour out your troubles but remember who I am do not shake your fist at me or insist that I bend to your will instead Echo the words of David in prayer but I trust in you oh Lord I say you are my God God my times are in your hands you are safe secure and whole In My Embrace release the burden of your anxious striving and draw near to me with the concerns that weigh upon your heart trust me enough to be open and sincere as you share these burdens give all your worries and cares to me for I care deeply for you I am your steadfast Guardian so rest for a while in the shelter of my loving presence when you wander away and exclude me from your life you lose your sense of completeness the restlessness you feel in those moments is my gentle nudge reminding you to return to your first love I desire to be at the center of your thoughts and emotions your plans and actions for it is in this alignment that you find meaningful living according to my my Divine will you walk on a path toward heaven and I am your constant companion yes you will encounter trials on this journey but take heart I have triumphed over the world in me you are indeed safe secure and whole beloved I am ever with you whether you sense my presence or not sometimes you may find yourself in what seems like a desolate Place devoid of my tender companionship but you can call out to me knowing that I am by your side eager to assist I draw near to all who call upon me whisper my name with tender trust casting your doubts aside share your troubles and seek my guidance then change the subject offer praise for my greatness and Glory my power and Majesty thank me for the goodness I have bestowed upon you and continue to shower upon your life in your praise and thanksgiving you will discover my abundant presence taste and see that I'm good the more you fix your gaze upon me and my blessings the more fully you will Savor my goodness Revel in the sweetness of my unwavering love relish the robust flavor of my strength satisfy the hunger in your heart with the joy and peace that accompany my presence I am with you and will watch over you where wherever you go I desire you to possess quiet confidence in me your living God as the prophet Isaiah proclaimed in quietness and confidence is your strength while the world often favors loud voices and Grand promises as sources of power true strength emanates from tranquil trust in me and my promises Rejoice that I am a living God not an inert Idol I am the living one I was once dead but now I am alive forever more my power is Limitless yet I approach you gently and lovingly spend time with me cherished one and relate to me with unwavering trust as you rest in my presence allow scripture to guide your prayers approach me with Whispers of love I love you oh Lord my strength I am overflowing with Grace and Truth Grace speaks of the UNM merited favor and love I hold for you receiving something you haven't earned is humbling guarding you from Pride Grace is a Priceless gift securing your Eternal salvation since you know me as your savior I will forever extend my favor toward you beloved my love for you is undeserved unearned and unwavering so place your trust in my boundless love and rejoice in my salvation I'm not only filled with truth truth I'm the truth itself in a world flooded with news and messages tainted by deception and manipulation I offer absolute unchanging truth knowing me as the truth establishes a solid foundation upon which you can stand firmly this secure footing allows you to shine as a radiant beacon in a dark and relativistic World let your light shine so that many may see it and place their trust in me gratitude is the most effective antidote to entitlement a toxic attitude that insists the world owes you something this misconception is rampant in the world but it contradicts biblical teachings the Apostle Paul instructed Christians to stay away from every brother who is Idol Paul led by example working tirelessly to set a model for others he even laid down this rule if a man will not work he shall not eat entitlement is the belief that you deserve to receive something while gratitude is a heartfelt appreciation for what you already have if I were to give you what you truly deserve your ultimate destination would be despair with no hope of Salvation so be thankful that I am rich in Mercy it is through Grace that you have been saved thinking that you deserve more than you currently possess will lead to misery but a grateful heart will overflow with joy moreover when you offer thanks you worship me acceptably with reverence and awe I long for you to console others with the comfort you have received from me regardless of the circumstances you face my presence and comfort are more than sufficient for your needs as a follower of Christ everything you endure has has purpose and meaning suffering can refine your character and equip you to Aid others in their struggles speak openly to me about the challenges in your life and ask me to employ them for my Divine purposes seek relief from hardship but be mindful not to overlook the blessings concealed within it when you draw nearer to me during trying times seeking my Aid you mature and gain wisdom this equips you to comfort others as they endure their own trials your empathy for those in pain will spill over into their lives you will find that you are most effective at comforting those enduring trials similar to those you've already faced you can grow in Serenity through the discipline of adversity for although it may be painful in the moment it yields the Tranquil fruit of righteousness trust me to guide you step by step through each day I provide enough light for one day at a time if you attempt to appearer into the future you will find yourself peering Into Darkness my countenance shines upon you only in the present for it is here that you find my unfailing unquenchable love my love for you surpasses even the bond between a mother and her child though she may forget the child at her breast I will never forget you you are so precious to me that I have engraved you on the palms of my hands forgetting you is [Music] inconceivable I want you to intimately experience my love which surpasses mere knowledge the Holy Spirit residing within your innermost being is here to assist you request his filling so you may be sat saturated with my fullnes

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