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[Music] a long time ago there lived a farmer in a village he used to get up early in the morning and go to distant springs to get clean water for this work he used to carry two bigger than pots with himself which he tied in a stick and hung on his shoulder on both sides one of the pot was broken from somewhere and the other was just right because of this the farmer was able to save only one and half pots of water by the time he reached home this was going on for two years the right pot was proud of the fact that all the water reaches home and there is no shortage of water in it while on the other hand the broken port used to be ashamed of the fact that it could bring only half the water and the farmer's hard work goes to waste the broken port started getting very upset thinking of all this and one day he could not live with it he said i am ashamed of myself and want to apologize to you why the farmer asked what are you ashamed of the broken port said sadly maybe you don't know but i have a hole at one place and due to this for the last two years i have been able to bring only half of the water instead of full water this is a big deficiency in me and because of this your hard work is being wasted the farmer felt a little sad after hearing this from the broken port and said no problem idea i want you to see the beautiful flowers falling on the way while returning today the broken port did the same he kept looking at the beautiful flowers all along the way by doing this his sadness went away but by the time he reached home half the water had fallen from inside him he became disheartened and started apologizing again to the farmer the farmer said dear maybe you did not notice that on the way all the flowers were on your side there was not even a single flower on the other side that's because i always knew what was lacking in you and i took advantage of it i had sawn the seeds of colorful flowers on the road on your side you watered them little by little every day and made the whole road so beautiful today it is because of you that me and other people can see these beautiful flowers seeing these beautiful flowers everyone can be happy and forget their sorrows people offer these beautiful flowers in the temple and get peace of mind they take home these beautiful flowers and make their home beautiful if you are not broken do you think this would have been possible don't think you are useless you are not useless you are worthy because you have become the reason for happiness of thousands of people [Music] if we see in our life we will see that sometimes we start feeling useless and worthless but we forget that we all have some shortcomings in us all of us has some flaws but these shortcomings and flaws makes us unique if we think in a positive way we can turn our shortcomings into blessings like that farmer we should also accept everyone as he is and pay attention to his goodness and when we do this even a broken pot will become more valuable than a good pot [Music] this is words of wisdom inspirational stories thanks for watching and keep smiling [Music] you

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