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TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE PROBLEM | Trust In God’s Promises (Inspirational & Motivational)

I encourage you to do three things if you are to overcome the enemy firstly take your eyes off the problem and focus your eyes on God's promises magnify God instead of your problems secondly change your words from talking about defeat and begin to speak God's word over your situation begin to speak God's promises over your situation and finally call on the power that the name of Jesus Christ offers loving Jesus Christ living for Jesus Christ doesn't mean you'll have a life free from any problems equally when You Face challenges or pain this doesn't mean the lord loves you any less than someone else you see God doesn't promise us a life devoid of suffering pain problems or difficult situations as a matter of fact it tells us the opposite in John 16 33 Jesus tells us that in the world we will have troubles or tribulation and in many other passages throughout scripture we are reminded by the apostles as well as Jesus himself the Christians will suffer be persecuted face many trials and so on they don't tell us this so that we could be miserable or feel anxious but to remind us of our reality and to encourage us to stay strong in our faith in Exodus 14 verse 14 the Bible says the Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace this is a promise for us a promise of safety God will fight your battles he will fight our battles and we need to only hold our peace and so there's no need to go back and forth trying to fight here and there and everywhere instead let God work on your behalf because we have a promise that the battle you face Belongs to the Lord the Bible in Philippians 4 verse 19 says and my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus this is a promise for provision you have a need God can meet that need this doesn't mean you will have everything you want but in Jesus Christ you will have everything that you can ever need so I encourage you to get to know God's promises get to know them and hold on to his promises trouble falls on the righteous and the Wicked on the rich and the poor trouble falls on everyone regardless of skin color or religion even no one is exempt from trouble sickness and disease don't care about how good you are tornadoes earthquakes and hurricanes all don't care about your list of good deeds we will all face problems the question then is not how can we avoid trouble and issues in our lives but how can we better deal with them the first thing we need to note is that you are not your issues we are obsessed particularly in Western culture with labels we feel the pressure the need to put labels on everything however sometimes our labels attach identities to People based on their struggles for example someone that struggles with addiction is an addict someone that struggles with alcohol is an alcoholic someone that has fallen into adultery is an adulterer someone that wrestles with fornication is labeled a fornicator do you see the problem with this it's marrying a person's issues and struggles with their very beings and identities this is a violation of the image of God in human beings so I want to tell you today that this is not how God sees us God does not see us for our issues the Lord does not see us for our struggles but God sees us for who we are in him we are created for a purpose we are created with gifts and a calling experiencing a problem or an issue in this journey of life should not be your identity you are so much more in Jesus we will all go through Seasons where we will have more questions than answers Seasons where it appears as though you have more prayer requests than answered prayers and I don't know about you but have you ever gotten to the point where all you can do is just ask God questions like Lord what should I do how should I handle this God how will my family be restored father when will I be healed well here's what you can do should you find yourself in such a place rather than look for all of the details or answers rather than examine plan A and revise Plan B rather than Panic or scratch your head about it simply invite God into your situation invite them into that problem invite him to be the judge the jury the prosecutor and defense for the case that's in front of you what I'm trying to tell you is that there will be situations where we simply won't have the answers when we want them there will be certain events that will occur and simply not make sense and we need to come to terms with that because it's only once you accept this that you can function through these difficult moments in life remember that our lord Jesus said in Matthew 11 verse 28. come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest let me clarify one thing this verse is not saying come to me and I'll give you every detail to what's going on in your life it's not saying come to me so that you can see the whole picture no Jesus is saying come to me with all that burdens you with all that gives you sleepless nights with all that worries you and when you come to me when you give me those burdens those problems may still be there but I'll give you peace that situation may still be unclear but I'll give you rest Matthew 11 29 goes on to say take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls twice in these verses Jesus mentions rest in him and by rest we're literally being told to relax refrain from worrying about it stop stressing out about or trying to fix it it's literally giving it all to the Lord so think about this for a moment could it be that God's letting you face this trial so that you can reach a deeper level of trust in him could it be that God is letting you face this trial so that you can learn and let go and stop trying to control every single aspect every single detail of your life just think about it could it be that God's letting you face this test so that he can humble you because maybe you're too self-reliant you see always invite God into the midst of your situation because you cannot do it alone you certainly don't have all the answers you need but should you go to the Lord should you take it to Jesus you can surely have peace you can surely have rest God's promises are what you and I should depend on because God is a faithful God he's a God who keeps his word because he is truth now I pray that this message will serve as a reminder to each and every believer listening I want you to know that when you begin to trust in God's promises you'll realize that you are well taken care of you will lack for nothing and for those who may be wondering what are these promises allow me to remind you what the Bible says in Isaiah 41 verse 13. for I the Lord your God hold your right hand it is I who say to you fear not I am the one who helps you this is a promise a promise for those seasons in life when you feel as though you can't get a break it's a promise that God Almighty will help you the Lord will come to your Aid he will

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