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my dear child the miracle you've been hoping for is on its way and the problems that have weighed on your heart will find their resolution I want you to know that I have heard your prayers from my Celestial throne and your answer is soon approaching but now I ask something of you in return I want you to consider how you'll act when your prayers are answered I don't want you to be like those who once their wishes are granted forget the one who granted them it's not just a matter of favor it's about something deeper I want the trials you've endured to bring wisdom to your heart as you witness your problems being solved prepare yourself for a life filled with gratitude and daily prayer it costs nothing to open your eyes and simply say thank you God for the gift of life and for your love that surrounds me me always my only request is this it's not a difficult one I don't ask for your material possessions and I don't seek your offerings above all else I want your heart I desire that everything you do comes from a place of sincerity and appreciation this is the way to multiply your blessings when your prayers are answered but please don't forget about the God who has saved you if you attribute your success solely to your own abilities your blessings May wither away like a flower without water water your prayers with praise offer your thanks on my Altar and cherish and appreciate everything you receive no matter how small it may seem even if I don't give you exactly what you ask for know that I always provide something better I am your father your creator I know what's best for your future your family your spiritual life and your heart if you pray for prosperity and I free you from debt be grateful for you now live in Freedom maybe your bank account isn't overflowing but no one will come knocking at your door if you ask for abundance and I provide you with work and honorable labor don't worry I'm giving you the means and the opportunity to earn your livelihood don't be afraid for I will open doors for you follow the path I guide you on and there you will flourish with your dedication and honesty I want to shower your life with blessings and I want you to learn the art of stewardship combine your grateful heart with the wisdom you've gained and you will receive many wonderful things I also wish for peace to fill your home May the Miracles you witness nurture your spiritual growth but don't lose sight of my teachings don't Focus solely on material possessions instead direct your gaze heavenward most importantly maintain a genuine attitude of gratitude in your hearts this is the first step toward a supernatural life these are the keys that unlock the door to a season of abundance your devotion your adoration your gratitude for every blessing your unwavering trust even in difficult times your commitment to bless those around you your desire to receive my word your persistence in prayer and your eagerness to be an instrument of my grace in building a better world all of these things please me I urge you to listen carefully to my words some may consider themselves faultless and look down on others they may try to make you feel small for your past mistakes but pay them no mind you are not obligated to dwell in the negativity of their judgments and hurtful words I want you to know that you bring me joy I cherish your pursuit of me your prayers and your expressions of gratitude I Delight in witnessing your courage your name resounds in the celestial realm as an example of Faith perseverance and loyalty y please engrave these words in your soul for you will need to remember them when faced with those who seek to discourage you I am the one who heals you prospers you and rescues you from the depths I surround you with love and mercy opening the door to the supernatural I want you to receive the Miracles you ask for but I also UST you with their care your prayers your loyalty your gratitude your your praise and your faith let them remain unchanged focus on the spiritual and come into my presence each day listen to my messages that strengthen you share them with your family and remember them when you close your eyes to give thanks and pray as you do so I will place my hand upon your head blessing your life in a supernatural way at this very moment you are receiving it please accept it with with profound gratitude I will not cease speaking to you in countless ways until my words are etched into your spirit never to be forgotten this is the truth I adore you at times you have faltered but I have already forgiven you there is no punishment for you only love mercy and forgiveness I bless you with peace health Tranquility strength wisdom and many gifts further more I have a special purpose and Destiny for you and your family I desire you to prosper in all things just as your heart and soul know me more do not let doubt steal your future and shatter your happiness if you choose to believe and remain loyal to my word you shall walk securely in all your ways protected from malevolence this is real you are already living a supernatural life soon you shall witness Miracles so Grand that your faith and mindset will be transformed and your smile will return No More Tears no more sorrow I will resurrect those dreams that had perished you will experience the miracle of being loved Once More by those who once despised you I know that these words bring a desire to shed tears and those tears washing away all guilt your Spirit now feels clean and light and you feel A Renewed zest for life that you haven't felt in a long time you will rise every day with Supernatural hope embraced and motivated by it I myself will take you by the hand and we shall walk step by step towards a new land where you will lack nothing the spiritual poverty ends and emotional destitution vanishes you will no longer hunger for companionship or thirst for friendship your soul will no longer ache from the wounds of solitude in my arms you will be safe feeling your body healthy your mind agile and your spirit joyful your heart will be filled with strength and motivation Awakening with a purpose to live filled with determination you will have an inner resolve knowing that you have an important purpose a divine plan for which you were chosen you endured an infinite time of pain touched the bottom of that destructive pit and recogniz that you could not remain angry with me I never harmed you I always loved you with an eternal and holy love however the wicked sowed doubt and resentment in your mind the doors of my Celestial Throne have been open to you since the moment you humbly bent your knees in Repentance I've decided to demonstrate to you with a ction all the blessings and wonders I can bestow upon you I have healed your wounds and calad your confused emoon now you shall feel peace I was never angry with you I sought you out when you had fallen and with my own hand I rescued you I clothed you in fine linen placed a crown upon your he

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