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[Music] one day a lioness died while giving birth to a cow at that time a herd of sheep were passing by the lion cub joined them accidentally the sheep also taught him to be part of their herd and so the cub was brought up by sheep and while living with the sheep lion cup believed him to be a sheep since he was growing up among sheep therefore it was natural for him to live like she he was living with sheep he believed that he was sheep he became vegetarian and started eating grass with a great joy he had no conception of what a lion was he had no idea not even in his dreams that he was a lion how could he have all around him for sheep and only she he had never ruled like a lion he had never been alone like a lion with the passage of time the cub started growing up he became a beautiful young lion the sheep became accustomed to him just as he became accustomed to the sheep but one day and no lion attacked on their heart when he saw this young lion among the crowd of sheep he could not believe his eyes he had never seen such a thing he was astonished to sigh young lion grazing among the sheep neither were the sheep afraid of the land norwar they aware that the lion was among them he forgot he was going to catch a sheep and decided to catch hold of the young land and find out what was happening o lion attacked the flock of heat to capture young land seeing him all the sheep started running to save their lives young lion also ran away to save his life although it was difficult to get hold of young land but somehow the o-line got hold of him the o-line said to him you idiot why are you escaping from me the young lion was crying and weeping he said please leave me i am a poor sheep please let me go he was shivering with fear and bleeding like sheep it did not take long to understand the whole land what is the matter the o-line pulled him towards the lake the young land was resisting and reluctant to go he tried not to go there he was scared of death he was crying and weeping but the o-line would not allow him he pulled him and took him to lake the lake was silent like a mirror the o-line forced the young land to look into the water the o-line said to the young just look look at my face and look at your face look at my body and look at your body in the water the young lion saw in the lake with tearful eyes as he saw him in that lake he was astonished for the first time he saw that it did not look like a sheep but looked like a lion he understood that in reality he was not a sheep but a lion and within a second there came a great roar hearing his role the whole forest stumbled the sheep disappeared he was a totally different being now he recognized himself the identification with sheep was not a reality it was just a mental concept now he had seen the reality the young lion could feel a strange energy he had never felt before as if it had been dormant he could feel a tremendous power and he had always been a weak a humble sheep all that humbleness all that weakness simply evaporated now there is a very deep message hidden inside this beautiful story just think about what undiscovered talents and abilities could be lying hidden within you you could also be a lion surrounded by a bunch of sheep that are leading you to believe that you are much less than you really are there will be people around you who will always make you feel that you cannot do anything in your life because somewhere you also have become like them while living with them you have to stand out from the crowd of such people and recognize your true potential and the day you recognized the potential of that line within yourself then no one will be able to stop you from moving on the path to success [Music]

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