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You Will Never Look At Life The Same | Arnold Schwarzenegger

[Music] i hate plan b because we have so many doubters we have so many of those people that say no and you can't do it it's impossible but when you start doubting yourself that's very dangerous because now what you're basically saying is is that if my plan doesn't work i have a fallback plan i have a plan b and that means that you start thinking about plan b and every thought that you put into plan b you're taking away now that thought and that energy from plan a we function better if there is no safety net because plan b becomes a safety net it says that if i fail then i fall and i get picked up and i have something else there that was that will protect me and that's not good because people perform better when there's no safety net people perform better in sports and everything else if you don't have a plan b i'm telling you i've never ever had a plan b i say i made a full commitment that i'm gonna go and be a bodybuilding champion i made a full commitment that i'm gonna be in america i made a full commitment that i'm gonna get in the show business and i'm going to be a leading man no matter what it takes i will do the work i would do the work over and over and over until i get it what is if i fail then i don't have anything else well let me tell you something don't be afraid of failing because there's nothing wrong with failing you have to fail in order to climb that ladder there's no one that doesn't fail michael jordan said in one of his interviews when they said you're unbelievable you're the greatest basketball player of all times i mean tell me about that and he says well you're just mentioning the successes but it says for me to become the greatest basketball player i missed 9 000 shots when i was playing basketball at the nba games so during this games that he was so successful he missed 9 000 shots does it make him a failure no he's one of the greatest basketball players of all times but he failed nine thousand times you get it we all fail it's okay [Applause] what is not the case that when you fail you stay down whoever stays down is a loser and winners will fail and get up fail and get up fail and get up you always get up that is a winner that is a winner [Music] we all lose we all have lost us this is okay and this is why i say don't be worried about losing because when you're afraid of losing then you get frozen you get stiff you're not relaxed you've got to be in order to perform well in anything if it's in boxing or if it is on your job or with your thinking is only happening when you relax so relax it's okay to fail let's just go all out and give it everything that you got that's what it is all about so don't be afraid to fail [Applause] [Music] every day we are benefiting from someone helping us that's why i said earlier there is no such thing as a self-made man i mean when you think about it you're born and you need your parents to raise you you need your teachers to teach you you need your coaches to do sports out of the thousands and thousands of people that helped me harvard bosek was one of them that helped me to translate into english so i could fill out my entry form for the mr universe contest and then he flew with me to london to the mr universe contest he was an extraordinary friend that took thousands and thousands of pictures since then and helped me and every one of the competitions and everything was a huge supporter but this is the kind of people that you need we need help we need help i remember that everything i did always needed help think about it when someone says arnold is the greatest self-made man i said you can call me anything you want you can call me arnie you can call me schwarze you can call me terminator you can call me governator but don't ever call me self-made man i said because i did not get to that point by myself i mean think about just to be successful in the movies how are you how are you going to be successful in the movies without having an audience the only one that makes you successful in the movie is the people that go to see the movie so how can you say to yourself made men when you need millions and millions and millions of people all over the world to go and see your movie so people then the press looks it and says this guy has a big box of his success it's the people it's you you can only feel complete as a person if you think about what can you do for your fellow member around you that maybe needs help i felt like that everyone has a different motivation why you get into that i i was an immigrant going to america and they saw how america was the most generous country in the world i mean they opened up their arms to me they helped me they invited me for thanksgiving dinner the people they helped me that's all that first hand this generosity in america and i said to myself as an immigrant that is being embraced with open arms that i need to go and make sure that i give something back because i said i started thinking about how did america become such a great country how did america become such a generous country well i look back in history and i realized that people have fought for america and people have died for america and people have suffered for america and so it's my job now to contribute to keep it as being the number one country in the world and this is when i started feeling obligated and i said to myself so what can i do i'm a bodybuilder what can i do well then i realized when there's those special olympics that i can help and train special olympians and so we started getting involved in special olympics and in no time i proposed to them to start powerlifting in special olympics to have deadlift which was a safe thing to do and to have bench press which was a safe thing to do and it became the number one sports in special olympics powerlifting they always have a packed hall of five thousand people and i became the national trainer and the international trainer of special olympics and i tell you i felt so good i felt better than winning a bodybuilding competition going to one of their competitions and seeing a hundred of those athletes from all over the world competing in powerlifting and being happy and being included in being felt that they're equal to all of us it was the most unbelievable feeling and this is why i got so excited about it that then after that i started you know going around to military bases in america and training our military personnel because in those days bodybuilding and weight training wasn't popular now it is now when you go to iraq to back that or something like that and you see the american soldiers train they have the biggest facilities it's like this this dome here this is how big the facility the training facilities are now so it all changed but in those days the day wasn't popular at all so i went from military base to military base to train the soldiers and the sailors and the airmen and all of them the more i got into that the more i realized how good it feels t

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