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YOU WILL NEVER GET ANGRY, After watching this | Zen story on anger | Buddhist story |

foreign [Music] whose name was renzai he used to meet people at his place one day a man came to see him man was not in a good mood and because of this when he entered the room he pushed and slammed the door very hard then he removed his shoes and threw them away and as soon as he lifted his foot to enter just then rinzai said wait don't enter the man asked why rinsei replied first go and ask for forgiveness from door and from your shoes man said what are you talking about I heard that these and people are mad but I did not believe it but now it seems true what nonsense are you talking about why should I ask for forgiveness from door and shoes it looks so embarrassing rinzai replied you get out right now and never come again if you can be angry at shoes then why can't you ask for forgiveness when you are angry you never thought it was so foolish to be angry with shoes if you can relate with anger then why not with love when you slammed over with such anger you related to Door you behave wrongly immorally that door has not done anything wrong to you if you can slam the door with anger then why can't you ask for forgiveness from door relationship is relationship anger is also a relationship if you can't apologize then you don't come in coming into contact with renzai's calm nature the man also became calm and he understood the logic of it he understood that if you can be angry then why can't you be living man went and touched the door tears started to flow from his eyes he could not hold back his tears then he bowed onto his own shoes and a great change happened in him that moment he turned and came towards his eye rinse I took him in his arms and embraced him if we see in our lives we will find that we may not be able to ignore what is happening but what is important is how we respond to the situation we always have a choice in how we respond we can either react out of anger or we can overcome and replace the anger with love there is plenty of anger and violence in the world in every town every village in every home one can find abundance of anger to respond to this anger with more anger will only fuel the Flames we do not put out fire by Fanning the flames we have to smother the fire similarly we do not put out fire of anger by adding more fire to them we smother the fire of anger with love and forgiveness it takes a lot of energy to respond in anger and the response tends to deplete us and drain us but if we use our energy to respond lovingly we will not only bring Harmony to the situation but we will be energized by that love then we act lovingly we open the door for almighty's love to flow through us we are energized and boosted by this Divine love therefore the next time you find yourself in a situation in which anger is taking place try to respond with love instead of anger and you will find that responding with love will have great effect both on the situation and on your own well-being let us bring Harmony and peace to the world let us overcome violence with love and doing so we will find that it will not be long before our environment our community and our society will become a heaven of Peace in this world [Music]

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