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[Music] once upon a time gautam buddha was preaching his doctrine to his disciples under a tree then a rich man came to see buddha riding in his chariot and surrounded by his servants the man was very rich but his body was full of disease he was suffering from many ailments he clasped his hands and said to buddha oh lord i am sorry i cannot bow down to you because i am suffering from obesity my body is suffering from excessive drowsiness and many other ailments due to which i cannot move without pain buddha looked at the man and seeing the luxuries with which the man was surrounded by he asked him what do you do my friend the rich man said i have so much money given by manchester's that i don't need to do any work whenever someone comes to us for money i lend money on interest i have got all the wealth and servants but not good health my body has become a home to disease and you know sir without health these luxuries are of no use please bless me with good health buddha looked at him with compassion and said do you really want to know the cause of your ailments the rich man said yes lord certainly and please also tell me the solution to these ailments buddha said you see my friend there are five things which produce the condition of which you complain the first reason is that you do not do enough physical work and just keep sitting all the time due to which your body is becoming obese so first of all you have to engage yourself in some physical work in which physical labor is involved the second reason is overeating food is needed as much as is sufficient for our body always eat a little less than your hunger eating more can harm your body the third reason is excessive sleep sleeping excessively creates laziness in our body and becomes the cause of disease the person who goes to bed early at night and get up early in the morning and do exercise always stays healthy the fourth reason is overthinking a person who has no work to do is often lost in thoughts and due to getting lost in thoughts he becomes a victim of overthinking and when you become victim to our thinking mostly negative thoughts will come to your mind and in this way that person comes under stress and depression which causes disease in our body and the fifth reason is not doing your bit for public welfare whatever nature has given you give some part of it for the welfare of others if you are blessed with wealth then spend some of your wealth for welfare of others if you have good health then use some of your body's energy to help others by doing this your mind will get satisfaction and you will get blessings of others and this will help you to have good health and live a happy life if you can follow this advice then you will not only have a good health but it will also prolong your life the rich man remembered the words of buddha and followed his advice and after some time having recovered his lightness and youthfulness he returned to buddha and coming this time without horses and luxuries he said to buddha oh blessed one you have cured my bodily elements i have come now to seek enlightenment of the mind the buddha said the worldly people nourish their body but the wise ones nourish their mind those who are engaged in enjoying the worldly pleasures they work their own destruction but those who follow the path attains both the worthy pleasures and salvation from evil [Music] if we see in our lives then we will find that if you also eat more than you require sleep more than you need do not do physical work think too much then your body will also become a home to disease and if your body become home to disease then you cannot enjoy even the pleasures of the world if you want to live a healthy and happy life then you have to adopt moderation in your life you have to exercise restraint in eating sleeping and other activities of your life if you keep on fulfilling the desires of your mind then you will take your life toward destruction there has to be discipline in your life because without discipline you cannot have a healthy lifestyle and without healthy lifestyle you cannot have a healthy body and if your body will not be healthy then how can you lead a happy life the one who can control his desires lives life with moderation and have discipline in his life he can enjoy both our deep pleasures and freedom from disease [Music] you

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