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REAL PROBLEM Couples Faces After INTER CASTE Marriage! Sadhguru

Actually, this happened to me my wife, I never asked what her cast is I have un-casted myself completely. I'm not casting anything, so I didn't checked her cast either. so, I just came in, and announced everybody that I'm married. Thay said, “When, where, how?” we feel? Parents today are becoming liberal with their children in many aspects. However, when it comes to inter-cast and inter-religion marriage, people are still orthodox. People draw a rigid line that children cannot cross. Is it merely because of the fear of society? as the saying goes up “सबसे बड़ा रोग, क्या कहेगा लोग” So as a youth what can we do to convince our parents and bring them out of this social fear? see, the fear may not be about just what somebody sees. We must understand the caste system or what it is. Well, before I say that, I want you to understand this. I never, ever asked anybody what your caste because doesn't even occur to me in my mind. So I'm against inter caste marriages because somebody will take this one sentence and make me into trouble. But I keep doing this always because it's by intent. I am against the caste marriages because first of all, why the hell do I identify with the cast and then try to do inter if when I was young, if I wanted to marry somebody, I wouldn't even bother what the cast is I never asked Actually, this happened to me, my wife. I never asked what's her caste, I just came home one day and told my father marrying this girl. He asked, who is she? I said her name I only knew her pet name, I didn't know her full name because thats wat I called her Then he asked, Who is her father? I said, “I don't know” “What! you don't know the father's name you will marry her” I said, “I wish to marry only the girl” I don't wish to marry her father, nor his property, not his Khandan nor anything. I'm just marrying the girl “But what caste are they?” I said, “I don't know?” “What, you don't know her cast!” I said, “I don't know” Because except what people have told me, even I don't feel my caste anywhere I have un-casted myself completely I'm not casting anything So I didn't check her caste either. So I just declared to my wife I said, “You're my wife. That's it.” She said this all No witness, no arrangement, no garland? I said, “See, no bloody witness can ever hold me to anything” When I say something, that's it I will not go back on it I said I'm married to you this is it so I just came and announced to everybody I'm married! This, that. When, where, how that's not your business This is my wife. Then that's it. So I'm saying, first of all, why do you cast yourself? And then you inter-cast yourself? Not necessary. But there is a social situation that is in this country. Why this caste systems stuck on like this is this was the only means of transmitting skills. Suppose your father is a goldsmith now he will marry you only you to goldsmith with another goldsmith because right from your childhood you have helped the goldsmith carrying this and that. you know how to handle it Suppose he puts you, suddenly marries you to a blacksmith you will feel lost in that house and you know nothing about it because knowledge was transmitted only through the family tree. Today, we don't know what his father is, but now he has become an engineer. We don't know what your parents are now you are becoming a bio thing because we have institutions which transmit knowledge. When there were no such institutions, family was the only institution transmitting knowledge So we didn't want to corrupt that So we maintain that Now that is irrelevant One part of the caste system has become irrelevant. Another reason why people are sticking to the caste is because there is no Social Security in the country If tomorrow something goes wrong with your life, OK you married some strange boy, and if something went wrong with your life, you fell ill He fell ill Accident happens, something happened. Now the only people you can fall upon is your clan You're going to knock on somebody else's door. They won't open their door. You have to go to your caste If you say I belong to this cast, they'll say come will do something for you. So this is the Social Security you still have. So in in urban areas, it may not matter because you have insurance and this and that. But in rural areas, if you just break away from your caste completely, you are completely on your own. If something goes wrong, there's nobody going to stand up for you. So this is the Social Security system. Don't try to worry about this destroying caste system by inter-cast All this, if you create a proper universal Social Security system, caste will die a natural death nobody has to kill it. It will just go

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