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foreign [Music] a man was very much interested in self-knowledge in self-realization his whole search had been to find a master who could teach him meditation he went from one master to another but nothing was happening years went by he was tired he was exhausted then someone told him if you really want to find a master you will have to go to the Himalayas there is a monk who lives in some unknown part of the Himalayas you will have to search for him nobody knows where exactly he lives because whenever somebody comes to know of him he moves from that place and goes even deeper into the Himalayan range the man was getting old but he gathered courage for two years he had to work to earn money for the journey and then he made the journey he had to ride on camels and horses and then go on food and then he reached the Himalayas people said yes we have heard about the Hallmark he is very Ancient One cannot say how old he is maybe 300 years or even 500 years nobody knows he lives somewhere but the location cannot be given to you nobody is aware of where exactly you will find him but he is there if you search hard you are bound to find him the man searched answered for two years he was roaming in the Himalayas he was tired and exhausted and living only on the wild fruits he had lost much weight but he was determined that he had to find this Monk even if it takes his life it would be worth it and one day when he was roaming on Mountain he saw a small Hut made of grass he was so tired that he was not even able to walk more so he crawled he reached the heart there was no door he looked in there was nobody inside and Not only was there nobody inside but there was every sign that for years there had been nobody inside he was very disappointed to see this he fell on the ground out of here tightness he gave up the desire to meet the Monk and he gave up the desire to experience meditation he was lying under the sun in the Cool Breeze of the Himalayas and for the first time he started feeling so blissful he had never felt such a bliss suddenly he started feeling full of light suddenly all thoughts disappeared suddenly he was transformed and for no reason at all because he had not done anything and then he became aware that somebody was leaning over him he opened his eyes a very ancient monk who was there and the old monk was smiling and said so you have come have you something to ask me and the man said no the old monk laughed a great belly laughs which was echoed by the values and he said so now you know what meditation is and the man said yes now I know what meditation is this story makes us to think that what happened so that the man suddenly experienced meditation and if we observe we will find that the assertion which came from his deepest core of being I give up the desire of experiencing meditation in that giving up of Desire all efforts and Endeavors disappeared in that very moment he was no more the same person and please your word on him he was silent he was a nobody and he touched the ultimate stratum of non-being then he knew what meditation is similarly when we try to meditate we are not able to meditate because meditation is not done but it happens when your mind becomes desireless and your thoughts subsides then meditation spontaneously starts to happen and you start feeling Blissful in fact meditation is a non-goal oriented State of Mind but it also does not mean that we should not try to practice meditation when we sit in a Solitude place with our eyes closed then we create an environment that is conducive for the phenomena of meditation to happen and therefore you have to keep trying continuously till meditation happens in your life [Applause] [Music]

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