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YOU WILL NEVER HATE YOUR JOB after watching this | Buddhist story | Short motivational story |

foreign [Music] used to rule a kingdom his kingdom was very happy there was no shortage of anything in his kingdom King was always sad he used to get very tired of his daily routine work he was always surrounded by worries like fear of neighboring state attacking his state for conspiracy of ministers about him due to burden of works and what is bothering him he became very anxious and lost his appetite and he started to spend sleepless nights he was troubled by his condition but whenever he saw the gardener of the palace he would be surprised after working hard for the whole day The Gardener would feel hungry he used to eat simple food and sleep happily under the tree sometimes the King used to get jealous of him one day when the King was sitting in his court just then a mom came to his court the king told his problem to the Monk and asked for suggestions to solve it after listening to the problem of the king the monk said well King the root cause of your worries is your work Lord why don't you make your son the king of this Kingdom and take retirement then you can be very free King said sir my son is only 5 years old how will that innocent child manage the kingdom the monk said well if that is the case then do one thing you hand over the burden of your worries to me and make me the king of this Kingdom the king got ready and handed over his kingdom to the Monk after this the monk asked what will you do now the king said I think I should do some business now the monk said but how will you arrange money for that no the kingdom is mine I also have the right over that testimony then I will get a job the king replied the monk said this is okay but if you have to do a job then why don't you do a job for me I am a monk I will stay in my heart only you stay in this Palace and manage this Kingdom on my behalf the king accepted the offer of the mock and started working for him he started handling all the works of the state while the mock went to his heart after a few days the monk again came to the palace and met the king and asked so King how do you feel now do you feel hungry now and get enough sleep the king looked very happy he said sir I have regen my appetite and I sleep sound now but one thing which I don't understand is that I am still doing the same things I used to do so how come there is so much change the monk smiled and said King earlier you had made work a burden for yourself and used to carry that burden on your mind all the time but after handing over your kingdom to me now you do all the work considering it as your duty now you do your work happily and that's why now you don't feel worried about your work and now you are happy now I hand over this Kingdom to you again take care of your kingdom do your work happily while considering it as your duty you see in our lives we will find that most of the people don't love their work if you do not love your daily work then it will become the reason for your unhappiness and you will find your work button sound but when you love your job you will see it as a choice and something that you like to do rather than a button on yourself in our life we spend most of our time doing work therefore whether you are running a business or doing a job enjoying your work plays a big part in having greater happiness in your life that's why once Confucius had choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life when you love your work then you will have better quality of work you will have better Mental Health it will increase your productivity and you will have happier everyday life there is a hole saying that if you want to spend a happy day then go out for a day but if you want to spend a happy life then start loving your work and your whole life will be filled with the mountains of happiness [Music]

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