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You Will be Surrounded By Abundance | Gods message today | God blessings message | God’s message

my beloved child in this month you will be surrounded by abundance and you shall prosper in all aspects pay heed to this complete message and do not disregard the advice I offer cling to these words so you awaken each morning in tranquility and serenity with an invincible spirit and Supernatural Peace during this month you will Triumph your dreams and goals shall come to fruition you will not end this year empty-handed however make the decision to believe in me place your right hand upon your heart and give me your commitment to seek me every day no matter what challenges arise I know you wrestle with discouraging thoughts and that's why I address you even as storms may rage within your heart anxiety may knock at your door taunting you and tell telling you that you will not reach your goals you shall endure you will not heed its voice do not allow defeat and failure to enter your mind you were born for Triumph fix your gaze upon those things that are more valuable than material possessions and personal achievements look after your family ensure their well-being do not allow past disputes to linger in your home as a new year begins this month Discord shall come to an end if you seek me daily with fervent faith my glory will reign in your home my Majestic presence will cast out all forces of Darkness that seek to divide your family and Rob you of Happiness Lean on Me rise and continue on your path without fear you will conquer all those who oppose your destiny the trials you face are transient but to receive your Victory you must confront them without fear you will be unharmed for my spirit is your shield and my powerful word is your sword keep walking and if you pause let it be for prayer meditation and rest spend time with me every day for there are many things I wish to share with you you must understand and believe with all your heart that you are important your faith is precious and your life is precious You Must Believe Me and ignore those who have long deprived you of your significance and value I see you with eyes of love I am your father and to me you were are and will always be important I will repeat this to you many times for I want the affection you feel in my words to be etched in your heart when you open your your eyes at dawn may you sense my presence by your side and may you rejoice in these tender details that make you feel how much I love you your life will soon be impacted by a miracle so powerful that it will transform you and your family completely I fulfill my promises and you have believed in them with faith one day I told you to cry out to me and I would answer that wondrous response is is on its way you're about to witness it read my word once more receive my instruction so you may know how to defend yourself and face your enemies when they come to steal the blessing i bestow upon you you know there are people who see with anger and envy when they see you prosper they do not like to see you smile nor do they want your family to remain United and overflowing with happiness therefore I want you to speak with me daily and feed on my word fill yourself with wisdom and prudence and let your senses be alert the past months have been challenging I agree but your faith has surprised me you faced many problems with courage defeating all your adversaries thus in this month that begins your heart is not empty it overflows with love encouragement and motivation in the remaining weeks of this year you will witness more blessings than you have seen before powerful events will unfold before your eyes greater than any you have experienced believe in it firmly for it is true step outside with faith knowing you carry my promise of Victory with you and may that beautiful smile on your face reflect your attitude courage Authority and my power this message bestows upon you an unbreakable strength write with your own hand and tell me that you believe confirm how my Holy Spirit Embraces you and AIDS you in Rising with great enthusiasm to walk the path of triumphs and victories obey my word fulfill my will and proceed with great Valor and Faith tell me that you receive this word with love that you believe it stand up extend your hands and receive the marvelous blessings I will grant you this month the storm shall cease the dark clouds that surrounded you are dissipating I cover you with the power of my blood your enemies are fleeing in Terror no witchcraft sorcery curse slander or falsehood sh ever hold power over you I heard you when you cried out in your despair air when your boat was sinking in the waters of fear I have come to command the Sea and the storms to calm the forces of evil saw you fallen and decided to exploit your weakness it is true that you made a mistake that opened the door to iniquity but you forgot something essential you belong to me my hand guards you and will never release you I love you and I will be with you always I will not change my opinion I come to Grant you freedom I do fulfill my word please do not say that you cannot believe me do not hold on to the painful past and do not allow those dark thoughts of death into your mind I will say it again you belong to me I am your friend your Advocate and I come to defend you and present the evidence for your Liberation you will leave the prison of depression I will uproot the root of your despair I will anoint you with the oil of Joy I lay my hands upon your thoughts today and I heal your life rest cry let it out and tell me everything you are feeling speak aloud or in silence write it down or let your thoughts flow your suffering ends today you do not have to wait until tomorrow right here in your room I embrace you with love and I heal you with my love this is a miracle you hear my voice your soul is being healed this is real you are not imagining it now do your part I want to see your faith and loyalty when you leave your house to face the day I will change your countenance of sadness into one of Joy do not be ashamed for others to see you filled with enthusiasm you will know no longer be swayed by criticisms and I will not allow their negative words to affect you live your life take care of your family give importance to your spiritual life do not underestimate this opportunity you will no longer carry those burdens on your shoulders you can now move forward with agility if you ever grow weary I will lift you up I will hold you if necessary nothing can stop you now the enemy tried to destroy you with the chains of the past but I told you you are mine and I came to rescue you now you have an abundance of life and the power to tread upon the forces of evil nothing will harm you your home is free your family is healthy quarrels and contentions will cease I Kindle a light in your home that cannot be hidden and people from outside will see that my power Reigns in your home many families you know will also be touched and healed but I must warn you that many do not understand that you are no longer

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