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You Have To Listen When God’s Spirit Speaks To Your Heart | A Blessed Motivational Video

[Music] in 1886 a Baptist preacher by the name of Charles Spurgeon delivered a message at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London in which he entitled an instructive truth one of the major points of his sermon was avoid all security as to the present and he wrapped up this point in a single phrase by saying hold everything Earthly with a loose hand but grasp Eternal things with a death-like grip Spurgeon was convinced even in that day and time that people were holding on to the things of the world much too tightly he spoke of prized possessions which people lifted up high for everyone to see but his words assured his listeners that just as those things are found they can just as easily be lost the Apostle Paul put it this way in first Timothy 6 verse 7. for we brought nothing into the world and we can take nothing out of it no matter how Loosely or tightly we hold on to the things of the earth we can unquestionably not carry anything with us when we leave this world the Bible teaches that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evils yet we strive to find ways to build our financial portfolios more and more The Book of Proverbs tells us not to overwork to be rich and then the writer in Proverbs 23 5 ask the question when you set your eyes on wealth it is suddenly gone for wealth certainly makes itself wings like an eagle that flies to the heavens although most people know that money is not the ultimate answer to many of life's problems we tend to hold on to it more tightly than we should and we are inclined to think that it can in some way solve life's most Troublesome moments we need to loosen our grip on everything Earthly because it is all temporal we need to loosen our grip on our prize possessions we need to loosen our grip on the love of money we need to loosen our grip even on the people we love but we need to tighten our grip on everything Eternal we need to tighten our grip on reading God's word we need to tighten our grip on prayer we need to tighten our grip on our love for God we need to tighten our grip on Jesus Christ and hold on to him with a death like grip as if our life's dependent on it because our Eternal lives do depend on it and he is worth pursuing above everything else keep God first and you will lack for nothing let him rearrange your priorities and he will rearrange your life give God the throne to your heart and he will change your desires and enable you to be truly satisfied in him take a moment to think about what's important in the grand scheme of things everything on this Earth is temporary and fleeting none of it will last but God's kingdom will never end for that reason we need to build our faith on the Firm Foundation that is Jesus Christ he is the only one we should be focused on no matter what everyone else is doing keep God first no matter what season of life you're in keep God first because the treasures of this Earth are passing away all of our Earthly Pursuits will lead us down in the end so store up your treasure in heaven where nothing can be destroyed seek first the kingdom of God [Music] may I suggest to you that while so many of us are preoccupied with physical healing there are a great number of people who yearn for healing in their hearts there are people who have experienced great tragedy in their lives and they still carry pain and hurt today there are people out there who need healing in their minds their past may be filled with unspeakable things and it's only the healing power of God that can reach into a person's mind and put them together what I'm trying to tell you is that you should not focus on the physical alone of course God can heal it can heal you miraculously and instantly he can heal you through doctors but if you're there wondering where is my healing when will it be my turn well could it be could it be that God has allowed this in your life so that he can teach you perhaps mold you or even refine you could it be that this suffering in your life is creating in you a clean heart that's more focused on God could this suffering be the thing that's teaching you to be humble to be more caring towards others to be more grateful and content with what you have [Music] you ever heard the saying that goes sunny days would not be so enjoyable if it wasn't for the rain you never appreciate good health until you're in pain or maybe you know this one you don't know what you have until it's gone the truth is at times we can be Our Own Worst Enemy because we can pray for a blessing then receive that blessing and then we allow that blessing to be the reason for us becoming comfortable and lukewarm so what should God do in his love should he allow you to enjoy the blessing but lose your soul should he allow you to enjoy good health so that you can sin and be cast into hell no I truly believe that God so loves us that he doesn't want us to perish and because of that he will at times allow a challenge sickness and illness to bring you to your knees so that you can search for him and be saved [Music] some of us are so comfortable that God has to send a challenge into our lives just to get our attention and get us to pray so before you go questioning God about your healing or why did this have to happen to me be mindful that God loves you however his ways are higher than our ways Mark 8 verse 36 for what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul friends I would like to ask you what would it profit you to live a healthy life but be so comfortable that your relationship with God suffers you end up being cast in hell Jesus said it's better to enter eternal life with only one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell and I pray that you see it's better to suffer pain in this body and go to heaven a place where there is no pain or sorrow for eternity it's better than living a pain-free life only to be tormented in Hell For the Rest of Eternity beloved if you seek the Lord if you search for him with all your heart you will find him we often spend so much energy we spend so much effort and time seeking things seeking people seeking money we expend a lot of energy seeking affection seeking approval on all kinds of things things that are temporary things that will pass away but today Saints my message to you is that we need to seek Jesus Christ before you seek the things of this Earth call on the name that is above every other name the name of Jesus Christ I encourage you to seek protection under the lion of the tribe of Judah seek tranquility from The Prince of Peace seek God almighty the one who is who was and who is to be I encourage you to seek to call to Chase the one who commands millions of angels the one who speaks and creates call on the one who has the keys to life and death in his hands so whatever situation you face today whatever circumstance or situation you're up against God wants you to call on him Jeremiah 33 verse 3 says call to me and I will answer you until you great a

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