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YOU WILL NEVER FEAR ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE | Buddhist story about fear | Short motivational story |

[Music] once there was a criminal who had committed a crime his crime was enough to get him death sentence he was sent to the king for his punishment the king looked at him and told him that he had eight choices of two punishments either he could be hung by a rock or take parts behind the big dark scary and mysterious iron door the criminal once looked at the hanging rock and then at that dreadful looking iron door he thought who knows what's behind that scary looking door maybe there is some terrible wild animal behind it which is hungry or some kind of ruthless killing device or there is some other horrible killing method who knows what's behind that dreadful iron door therefore it is better that i choose to die by hanging the criminal accepted to die by hanging video as the noose was being slipped on him a curious heroes in his mind he turned to the king and asked sir by the way i am curious to know what's behind that door the king laughed and said you know it is very funny that i offer everyone the same choice and nearly everyone picks the role listening to this criminals first increased and he said sir please tell me what's behind the door i mean obviously i won't tell anyone because i am going to die he said pointing to the news around his neck the king paused for a moment then he got serious and answered my friend behind that door it is freedom if you had selected that door you would have got freedom but it seems that most of the people are so afraid of the unknown that they immediately take the role and choose to die if we see in our lives we will find that we miss a lot in life because of fear due to fear we are deprived of getting many things in our life we live our whole life in fear the fear of failure fear of losing something fear of dying fear of future the fear of failure does not let us move forward in life and does not allow us to be successful in life the fear of losing something does not allow us to get something new the fear of dying does not allow us to live life to its fullest it is this fear that forces us to always choose the wrong option so throw this fear out of your life and bring the virtue of fearlessness into your life if you want to live your best life then you must embrace the freedom of picking new choices because after all it is these new choices which can open the door to your ultimate happiness therefore always remember that opening up doors to the unknown is the only way to ensure that you are headed towards new opportunities freedom growth and a greater joy [Music] you

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