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Why someone is poor and someone rich? Buddha tells the law that can remove poverty.

once upon a time gautam buddha was addressing people in a village people would go to him with their various problems and come back happily with the solution a poor man would sit on the side of the road of the same village and watch the people who came to the teaching camp of buddha with great attention he was surprised that people would carry very sad faces inside but when they come back they look very happy the poor man wondered what solutions buddha was giving them for their problems he thought why he too should not put his problem before buddha so he also approached gautam buddha with this thought in his mind people were standing in a queue and explaining their problems when it was his turn he first bought to gautam buddha and then said lord almost everyone in this village is happy and prosperous then why i am so poor why god has not given me a prosperous life buddha looked at him with compassion and said you are poor because you have not given anything to anyone till date the poor man was surprised and said lord what are you saying i am a beggar i can hardly survive myself i feed myself by begging people i have nothing to give anything to anyone how can i give anything to anyone when i don't have buddha remain calm for a while then he said my dear friend you are very ignorant you have things to give and not less at all god has given you a lot to share with others but you are not aware of it you have never analyzed it god has given you a smile so that you can make people smile and infuse hope in them you have given a mouth so that you can speak sweet and kind words to people you can praise them with your words and encourage them you have eyes with which you can look at others with kindness and compassion you have given two hands with which you can use your own labor to help out the others the one whom god has given these four things can never be poor it is an illusion and you must remove it never let there be a sense of poverty in your mind poverty will automatically go away hearing this message of gautam buddha the man's face lit lita and he brought the sermon into his life which never saddened him again we see around us many times people curse their destiny and think that why god has not made them rich and prosperous but they need to remember the sermon of gautam buddha and start analyzing what god has given them the idea of poverty is in the mind of a man richness and contentment does not lie in taking but it lies in giving it is law of nature that what we gives come back to us thousand times therefore the one who gives can never remain poor again this is words of wisdom inspirational stories thanks for watching you

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